[Review] Comparing Love O2O Movie Vs. Drama


I wanted to write this post since I finished watching the movie version. The book Just One Smile Is Very Alluring also called Love O2O was adapted into a movie starring Angelababy and Jing Boran and a drama starring Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang. Both got released in August 2016. Personally, I prefered the movie to the drama. I have watched half of the drama and the whole movie, so this is not an opinion based on a few scenes nor my liking of the actors. Now, let’s get into this review! Continue reading

[First Impressions] Zhu Xian The Noble Aspirations Episodes 1-6


How well is your week going? Since the episodes of The Mystic Nine this week weren’t exactly groundbreaking, I decided to write the Mystic Nine recap for two weeks in one shot next week. Instead, I concentrated on Zhu Xian which just started airing last week-end and is already at episode 6. The ratings are amazing so let’s check it out! Continue reading

[First Impressions] July 2016 Chinese Dramas


July was a huge month for Chinese drama released, many of whom we covered the promotional phase on the blog throughout the year. It would only be fair to give each of them the time to impress me 😛 Here, I watched the episode 1 of each drama and wrote my quick thoughts. I watched: So Young, Up Idol, Ice Fantasy, Novoland Castle In the Sky, Whirlwind Girl 2, Border Town Prodigal and Singing All Along. Yes, I survived :’D

It is discussion time! Do you agree with me or do you feel like my one episode knowledge is too limited? Please feel free to share your thoughts! ^^

Continue reading

[First Impressions] Demon Girl Ep. 1-6


Got some free time this week-end so decided to write more posts. xD Let’s jump into.. Yumama’s big comeback! Not a big comeback in the sense that it is great and beautiful and everyone will love it, but big comeback because this is SO Yu Zheng produced on each frame that I have flashbacks from all kind of his previous projects while watching it. Let’s get into this first impression of Demon Girl starring Li Yitong and Zhang Zhehan. Continue reading

[Quick Storyline Recap+Review] The Mystic Nine with Zhao Liying, William Chan and Lay Ep. 1-12 (+13&14)


Yeah! It is The Mystic Nine time (or Old Nine Gates as I still like to call it like that)! I know you guys were waiting for me to release this post (haha, please don’t break my dream), so here it is! I am sorry I am late, I actually compiled these pictures and gifs for two weeks now, it is just that I was so busy I didn’t have time to start off writing this post. Anyway, enjoy a post about me fangirling over Zhao Liying (and William Chan and Lay)! Continue reading

[Drama Review by angie] Precious Youth with Liu Shishi and Zheng Kai


I know that a fair number of our readers are Liu Shishi fans and let’s be real, we all saw her grew up from her young girl years in Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008 to today, the respected and irrepleceable Liu Shishi! She recently came out with her modern drama Precious Youth with Zheng Kai. Although I didn’t watch it myself, we are extremly lucky to have a commenter (angie) who did and felt like sharing her thoughts. And she generously let me share the say comment/review/rant with the viewers of this blog! 😀 Continue reading

[Review+Links] Lucky Tianbao Wrap Up Post


Drama Lucky Tianbao is obviously not the most anticipated drama of the summer and honestly, rightfully though. All forty episodes are out for the lucky Tencent VIP members, but the episodes are also slowly being released to the general public. If you want to watch them as soon as possible, then search the internet and you should be able to find the links easily. In this wrap up post, I will talk about my thoughts about this drama as well as you give you watching links for Zhao Liying parts. ^^ Continue reading

[Recap/Review] Yu Zui Ep. 1-4


I know there are a lot of dramas airing right now so maybe you guys’ watching list is packed already. However, I still want to recommend a drama I am currently loving. Yu Zui is a webdrama currently airing on IQiYi with VIP pass, but you can youtube around and find the airing episodes pretty easily. It is an adventure, action, thriller, strategies packed drama. Because you need a VIP pass to watch it, it is not leading the ratings (My Amazing Boyfriend and With You are both ahead of it), but it recently started releasing episodes for non-VIP IQiYi members. Hope more people will check it out now :3 Continue reading