Entertainment Update: Zhu Xian, Sweet Sixteen, and Fighter of the Destiny


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Entertainment Update: Love 020, So Young, and Many MV


New entertainment Update 🙂 I added some more gifs of Kris Wu and Liu Yifei because I am a sucker for rom com ><

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New Drama Fighter of the Destiny Casts Luhan and Guli Nezha


Luhan will have his small screen debut! He just got casted for new cdrama 择天记 Fighter of the Destiny adapted from the novel of the same name. His leading female actress could be rising star Guli Nezha. Indeed, the female lead is not confirmed and the offer is between Guli Nezha or Xu Ling Yue.

Edit [5/21/2016]: Guli Nezha is announced as the official female lead.

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