Entertainment Update: Just a Smile is Alluring, Border Town Prodigal, Chinese Odyssey 3


A lot of stills and press conference in this article! And guess who is back?… Intellectualkitten ^^

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Entertainment Update: Whirlwind Girl 2, LOCH, Flying Daggers, Blind Date


Hehe, felt like putting a refreshing picture at the top today. It is so hot!! *_* Is everyone surviving alright at the summer? This entertainment has tone of goodies and beautiful stills that got released. Enjoy! :3 Continue reading

Whirlwind Girl 2 Prepares For Release on July 20th


Tada! Here are some new and fresh stills for the upcoming summer idol drama hit, Whirlwind Girl Season 2! Starring Ji Changwook, An Xuexi, Chen Xiang, Wu Lei and Tang Son Yun, this season looks so similar to the first one I am nearly worried. Hope they will be able to bring more interesting plotlines than three guys chasing after a hard working girl.
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Entertainment Update: Never Say Goodbye, Starry Sea, Whirlwind Girl 2, Casting News, Trailers


Here comes another Entertainment Update! We are supposed to follow a schedule of Tuesday and Saturday, but it is hard to do so when the c-entertainment world releases so much goodies these days. This one is pretty packed so hope nobody is complaining of overdose :3 Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Sweet Sixteen, Gui Zhong Mei Ren, Demon Girl


… Yes, an early release of the Entertainment Update 🙂 Because there is too much information. ^^

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Whirliwnd Girl Season 2 with Ji Changwook, Chen Xiang and An Xuexi


Little Tang Bao being a female lead. ^^ I am so happy as a proud “auntie”? After all, I saw her grow from a little insect to her current female lead role with Hallyu star Ji Changwook. With both Hu Bingqing and Yang Yang backing down for Whirlwind Girl Season 2, Chen Xiang will now have a new love interest (An Xuexi) and a new love rival (Chang Jiwook). Ahhh, why not just give the male lead role to Chen Xiang this time. Didn’t he suffer enough from the first season? Continue reading