Entertainment Update: Love 020, A Chinese Odyssey, LORD, Fighter of Destiny, MORE


I was crazy hot today @_@ Can someone throw me in the swimming pool with Sun Yang and Ning Zetao? 😉 archidisign: If you want to be thrown in green water, sure! xD Anyhow, be ready for a a crazy pretty long post today ^^

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Up Idol 2 Announces Powerful Line Up


Get ready for another new season of goddesses coming together to be friends and have fun on Up Idol. I loved the season one that included my favorites Zhao Liying, Ouyang Nana, Xie Na, Ada Choi, Athena Chu, Brigitte Lin, etc, but this time, it is time to meet the new beautiful idols. I see a lot of amazing names in the list, including lots of Hong Kongese actresses. Be ready for the fun to begin! Continue reading

Demon Girl and LOCH: Li Yitong Is Ready to Take Over the Cdramaland

Guess who is going to have a bright acting career in 2017? Newcommer Li Yitong has two high profile dramas where she plays the female lead. First, she is starring in the upcoming Yu Zheng drama Demon Girl where she plays a demon lady that survives through time and has a difficult love story. Second, she plays Huang Rong in the next adaptation of popular wuxia novel Legend of the Condor Heroes.

[update 2016/06/17: More pretty stills of the leads for LOCH and one new poster for Demon Girl]

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Weibo Popularity Ranking + Vlinkage + YouGov


Hi there. I remember lifewithdramas used to write these posts before and I always found them quiet interesting because they gave a good impression on who is popular on weibo this week. And since we didn’t write any ranking post for a while, I thought I could translate this one to keep you updated. I also added the vlinkage ranking of the day so you have a better idea of what could be fun to watch 😉 Hope you enjoy! Not: I will not write this type of post everyweek. Continue reading