[Review+Links] Lucky Tianbao Wrap Up Post


Drama Lucky Tianbao is obviously not the most anticipated drama of the summer and honestly, rightfully though. All forty episodes are outĀ for the lucky Tencent VIP members, but the episodes are also slowly being released to the general public. If you want to watch them as soon as possible, then search the internet and you should be able to find the links easily. In this wrap up post, I will talk about my thoughts about this drama as well as you give you watching links for Zhao Liying parts. ^^ Continue reading

Zhao Liying Special: Zhu Xian and Lucky TianBao!


I hope everyone coming on the blog are Zhao Liying fans are else, you will find June very boring xD It is the time of the year for my girl to shine and she worked extra hard all this time for all her projects that are coming out now… Let’s look into two of them today, Zhu Xian alongside Li Yifeng and Yang Zi and Lucky Tianbao alongside Kim Kibum and Zhu Zixiao. Continue reading

Airing Dates for Chinese Dramas/Movies in June 2016

Yeah! Another month is starting! Get ready for Zhao Liying and Li Yifeng’s comeback on the small screen ^^ Continue reading