[Storyline Short Recap] The Mystic Nine Episode 45-48 [End]


This is it. The last week of The Mystic Nine or Lao Jiu Men or The Old Nine Gates. Deep breath everyone as we dive into this ending… are we going to get a good one or a bad one?

Update: Yes! I am back!! @_@ So much to do both on the blog and in real life. Thanks for being so active in the comment section. I probably can’t answer them since I have way too much to handle these days.. Anyway, let’s make some sense of this post!!

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[Storyline Short Recap] The Mystic Nine Episode 41-44


OMG, guys, jump to episode 43 and watch it first before reading this post!! The episode is where the wedding is held and it is so worth all the wait so don’t get spoiled by gifs and pictures too fast~ I am sorry for the silence these days as school started for me and I was busy for all kind of family and administrative stuffs. But now, I am ready to party with yall!! 😉 Oh and also, sorry it may take me a while to answer the comments.. >< Continue reading

[The Mystic Nine Special] 105 Secrets about Fo Ye and Er Ye


Hehe, because I love everyone so much and you guys are wonderful during this whole TMN recap season, here is one hell of a fun fangirling post ❤ My awesome friend who started watching this show sent me links about facts to know about Fo Ye and Er Ye. These facts are from the novel so we won’t get too much OTP information. BUT, we get bromance information and let me tell you, it is quiet cheesy 😉 Continue reading

[Short Storyline Recap] The Mystic Nine Episode 37-38


Writing two posts this week! The episodes today are too good to not post as soon as possible! I think there were a lot of questions unanswered too. In this recap, I put more screen time for Er Ye and Ya Tou as they had some really sad scenes…

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[Storyline Short Recap] The Mystic Nine Ep. 29-32


This week’s four episodes were focused on our Ba Ye and Lieutenant. As both Fo Ye and Er Ye are sick and Xinyue has to go back home, we don’t get much of the usual OTP scenes. Since I was a bit more busy today (school registration problems.. anyhow), here is a quick recap over the episodes so you can at least understand what was said. 😉 Continue reading

[Storyline Short Recap] The Mystic Nine Ep. 17-20


Ready for a new week of The Mystic Nine? Yeah.. worked all night for this rushed post so it may not be the best @_@ Heading to bed now, but hope you guys like this week’s “Storyline Short Recap”. 😉 Zhao Liying looks as cute as ever, but as we go inside the mine, we will get less romantic interactions and more Mystic Nine interactions.

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