[First Impressions] Demon Girl Ep. 1-6


Got some free time this week-end so decided to write more posts. xD Let’s jump into.. Yumama’s big comeback! Not a big comeback in the sense that it is great and beautiful and everyone will love it, but big comeback because this is SO Yu Zheng produced on each frame that I have flashbacks from all kind of his previous projects while watching it. Let’s get into this first impression of Demon Girl starring Li Yitong and Zhang Zhehan. Continue reading


Legend of the Condor Heroes Video Game Release Teaser


Legend of the Condor Heroes is the drama I am most looking forward (excluding all Zhao Liying dramas of course) and I was so happy to see they released a GOOD trailer!! Until I realized that it is an advertisement for the LOCH 3D video game. Oh well, still happy to see these cuties (Li Yitong and Yang Xuwen) in action. I am sold ❀ Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Never Say Goodbye, Starry Sea, Whirlwind Girl 2, Casting News, Trailers


Here comes another Entertainment Update! We are supposed to follow a schedule of Tuesday and Saturday, but it is hard to do so when the c-entertainment world releases so much goodies these days. This one is pretty packed so hope nobody is complaining of overdose :3 Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Sweet Sixteen, Gui Zhong Mei Ren, Demon Girl


… Yes, an early release of the Entertainment Update πŸ™‚ Because there is too much information. ^^

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Demon Girl and LOCH: Li Yitong Is Ready to Take Over the Cdramaland

Guess who is going to have a bright acting career in 2017? Newcommer Li Yitong has two high profile dramas where she plays the female lead. First, she is starring in the upcoming Yu Zheng drama Demon Girl where she plays a demon lady that survives through time and has a difficult love story. Second, she plays Huang Rong in the next adaptation of popular wuxia novel Legend of the Condor Heroes.

[update 2016/06/17: More pretty stills of the leads for LOCH and one new poster for Demon Girl]

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Entertainment Update: I Love That Crazy Little Thing, Edge of Innocence, TBABM, Midnight Kitchen


Smile! Here comes another round of stills, trailers, news and trivial information about Chinese entertainment! πŸ˜‰ Continue reading