[Storyline Short Recap] The Mystic Nine Ep. 17-20


Ready for a new week of The Mystic Nine? Yeah.. worked all night for this rushed post so it may not be the best @_@ Heading to bed now, but hope you guys like this week’s “Storyline Short Recap”. 😉 Zhao Liying looks as cute as ever, but as we go inside the mine, we will get less romantic interactions and more Mystic Nine interactions.

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[Quick Storyline Recap+Review] The Mystic Nine with Zhao Liying, William Chan and Lay Ep. 1-12 (+13&14)


Yeah! It is The Mystic Nine time (or Old Nine Gates as I still like to call it like that)! I know you guys were waiting for me to release this post (haha, please don’t break my dream), so here it is! I am sorry I am late, I actually compiled these pictures and gifs for two weeks now, it is just that I was so busy I didn’t have time to start off writing this post. Anyway, enjoy a post about me fangirling over Zhao Liying (and William Chan and Lay)! Continue reading

Airing Dates for Chinese Dramas/Movies in June 2016

Yeah! Another month is starting! Get ready for Zhao Liying and Li Yifeng’s comeback on the small screen ^^ Continue reading