Shanghai Film Festival Makes Our Hearts Flutter


HAHAHA… OMG, when I told you guys LORD casted half of the entertainment world, I wasn’t lying. At today’s Shanghai film festival, they came together for a group picture and blowed my mind with their… stage presence. Everyone, please prepare your heart for what comes below 🙂

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Movie The Eternal Wave is a Zhao Liying+Zhang Han Shipper


The Eternal Wave may have Aaron Kwok as the male lead, but the production team is not shy at releasing a whole pack of stills with only the female lead Zhao Liying and the second male lead Zhang Han. Of course, they don’t have much interactions together (only one picture with both of them on it), it is still awesome to see both of them nailing their looks and roles. I think Zhang Han looks best in that period of time (or whatever situation that makes him wear a suit hehe). Continue reading