Character Stills for Prince Coffee Lab with Xu Lu and Yang Le


Be ready for a lot of posts for the new day(s)!! @_@ SO much was released and honestly, it is getting hard to keep track of!  I will write shorter posts, but I promise the stills are awesome and worth checking out! For instance, Prince Coffee Lab with Xu Lu and Yang Le released the first official character stills and it looks pretty good. Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Never Gone, The Starry Night The Starry Sea, So Young + MORE


Here we go for another round of stills. This one is pretty packed! I am still mad they pushed Old Nine Gates for the beginning of July, but at least I have a lot of other dramas to look out for in the meantime… *sigh* Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Novoland Castle in the Sky, Tribe and Empires, Cabinet de Beaute, Song of Phoenix, Aaron Kwok movies


What do you want to watch the most? So many news about dramas, variety shows and movies. A few awesome trailers also got released so really, there is something for everyone in this ent update! Continue reading