[First Impressions] Demon Girl Ep. 1-6


Got some free time this week-end so decided to write more posts. xD Let’s jump into.. Yumama’s big comeback! Not a big comeback in the sense that it is great and beautiful and everyone will love it, but big comeback because this is SO Yu Zheng produced on each frame that I have flashbacks from all kind of his previous projects while watching it. Let’s get into this first impression of Demon Girl starring Li Yitong and Zhang Zhehan. Continue reading

More Stills for Demon Girl


Here come more character stills and general stills for the upcoming drama Demon Girl, produced by Yu Zheng. The drama has as cast Li Yi Tong, Zhang Zhe Han, Merxat, He Rui Xian, Dai Xiang Yu, Ady An and Viann Zhang. The pictures are pretty and looks like a genuine good drama. Hope the rest will also be delivered properly ^^ Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Little Husband, Border Town Prodigal, Memory Lost


Some interesting projects were announced, with the potential to get a lot of media attention soon. A lot of modern dramas are going to air soon too so we gathered the stills with the usual familiar names. Enjoy! Continue reading