[Anticipation Post] Zhu Xian with Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying and Yang Zi


I need to move on from Happy Camp… so here is Zhu Xian!! ^^ We waited so many times and got annoyed by so many changes of airing dates. Hunan TV is finally willing to share the goodies with us as it is getting released today, July 31st! Expect about two episodes a week.


Trailer 20 minutes trailer

Trailer 3


MV 2

MV 3

Opening song by Zhang Jie

Ending Song

Full Playlist

Li Yifeng

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Zhao Liying

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Yang Zi

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Pretty Lu Xueqi dancing:


the TFBoys

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Rest of the Cast

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Official Stills

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BTS moments


At Press Conference

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For the video game version

4 3 2


26 thoughts on “[Anticipation Post] Zhu Xian with Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying and Yang Zi

  1. Hannah says:

    I hope it will not disappoint.

    Ppl must believe In ZLY to boost up ratings. She’s in a lot of promos lately, but barely any content about her lol


    • Hannah says:

      I thought Richie’s song will be the main? Maybe for the 2nd half. The songs are a bit bland.

      Also, I wonder how skilled is BY. I’m guessing she will be on the same level as YZ.


      • Don’t know, but I saw the Zhang Jie song trending a lot when it got released. He has a beautiful voice.
        BY definitely has some good fighting skills in the trailer. I know LXQ (YZ’s character) is more of a sword pugilist kind. So no idea, if their skills can even compare.


    • tiffy123 says:

      ZLY is the ratings queen šŸ™‚

      Hopefully she’ll get a good 10 episodes or something, since I know she won’t be in the show for long. I feel really mixed on her year so far.

      Lucky Tianbao was a random web drama filmed in 2013 that finally came out with no promotion.
      Mystic Nine wasn’t really that hyped (but shows how amazing ZLY is when she takes a medium sized drama to the top of the rankings)
      Zhu Xian is one of the most anticipated dramas of the year – but she’s not the real Main lead.
      Rookie Agent gets pushed to September randomly.


      • Paige says:

        September is better imo.. there’s an important war event that’s commemorated that month and I think the disguiser was released in sept too. It’s a better month than june cause that’s a worse time to broadcast a war drama I think? I am actually happy she did mystic nine and zhu xian because she only had a few months.. it was either guest appearances/female lead or maybe a short drama that wouldn’t receive much attention or have people she wanted to work with. By the time rookie agent comes out, she prob won’t be on zhu xian so it works out great.. li ying have a drama broadcast for 4 months. Next year will be better tho. She’ll have way more time to film another projects after princess agents and that drama is guaranteed a summer spot on hunan tv since hunan invested in that drama. Also, she’s the lead in that


      • Hannah says:

        Isn’t the drama 50+ episodes? I’m guessing we’ll see her half way through.

        I’m glad she took on Mystic and Chusen, or I’ll have nothing to watch while waiting for Rookie lol She def made Mystic relevant because the whole tomb thing is boring me. There are a lot of promos of ZLY for Chusen just to get her fans on. All marketing tactics!

        I don’t even know why Lucky TB was released earlier. I suppose the power of ZLY’s popularity. No dramas shelved except for her new ones.

        Is it too much to ask for ZLY to costar with HG or Yan Kuan?


  2. maoh says:

    I am really anticipating it. I think her character will actually be in the show for longer than most people are guessing. After all they have been heavily promoting her as the main lead and they know she brings in viewers.
    I actually really like the soundtrack so far. At first, I wasn’t feeling the songs but after listening a few times they really grew on me.
    She just posted this today, she looks so pretty.


    • Hopefully you are right! I didn’t watch the first episode yet, but just saw a short clip. Beautiful scenery!!
      Zhao Liying is amazing at filming so even if she arrived later to the cast, I would not be surprised to see that she filmed say more contents than most people xD That efficiency is my inspiration. Yes, that is so cute!! ā¤


  3. Hannah says:

    Here is my impression of the first 2 episodes:

    – ZLY appears in episode 2 along with YZ
    – Beautiful sceneries
    – I love the outfits! So many colors!
    – YZ is very cute, but she looks better in modern. Maybe it’s her hairstyle in here.
    – Oh man. It’s a toss up between WC and LYF when it comes to acting. Good to look at, but pales in comparison to ZLY.

    Til next time šŸ˜Š


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Now I know I can watch it and expect to see Liying right away 8D
      Yeah, all the scenes from the released trailers/mv/teasers are all so pleasant to the eyes. The colors remind me a lot of Hua Qian Gu, which I really liked. Yeah, here Li Yifeng is playing a goofy character so he should be have a bit more expression than WC. xD
      Yang Zi looks good? Yeahh!


  4. Ann says:

    Ahhh… the ratings for ZX is so good!! 1.37/9.11% of the population watched the first two episodes šŸ™‚

    It’s even higher than ratings for The Mystic Nine and Ice Fantasy so far


  5. Watched the first episode! The story seems interesting, plus the costumes & scenery is visually-pleasing. I will keep watching XD Only two episodes a week for a 50+ ep drama though…I already feel impatient lol.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      :”D Totally agree!! I also watched the first two episodes and I can totally see myself loving it. However, only two episodes per week is so long. They should have done 4 episodes per week šŸ˜¦

      Liked by 1 person

    • Totally! I loved the first two episodes. Drama quality is really good and LYF’s character is actually a bit funny. So yeah! There was episode 3 released today (no idea why..) so let’s keep watching 8D

      Liked by 1 person

  6. visionofjm says:

    I watched the first two episodes. It’s really good so far!
    Li Yifeng still does not do it for me, however. As per usual, he lacks spirit as he is trying to embody the character, Zhang Xiao Fan. Hopefully he gets better in the upcoming episodes…
    To my surprise, I saw myself enjoying the younger version of Zhang Xiaofan much more, played by Wang Yuan from TF Boys. I really felt for the character especially when no one had wanted to become his master/teacher and when his master didn’t like him. He did a great job, and I wish he was in more episodes…


    • I just realized how I never actually watched Li Yifeng’s acting (except in that Forever Young movie which I didn’t like). He is not as bad as I thought and this is a fun not too difficult role for him. Lacks spirit is the whole point of Zhang XiaoFan xD
      Wang Yuan was really good, as I was watching them, I thought how they really lucked out with the TFBoys band creation. A group of young, polite and talented kids. I am surprised that the childhood finished so fast, by the way they promoted the TFBoys, I thought they would be in for a few weeks!


  7. Hannah says:

    Apparently, there will be 6 episodes THIS week and back to 4 next week.

    Hunan – 2 episodes every Sunday
    Mango TV – 1 episode Monday-Thursday

    Interesting…I guess it will go by faster


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