External Links

Just need to find the episodes?

  • I mostly use Youtube and Dailymotion to watch Chinese dramas. LeTV and Iqiyi are also really good, but it is harder to navigate.
  • For international fans, one of the best options is MapleStage. It caters more to mandarin speaking people, but they are really efficient at posting links as soon as they become available.
  • You are more than welcome to ask in the comment section and we (or other members!) will help you find the drama.

Need English subtitles for Chinese projects?

  • The group Engsub Drama does a lot of Chinese drama
  • Viki is probably the group with the most translated projects
  • Dramafever is another very active official translator of Asian dramas

Want to read recaps for cdramas?

  • Deer Drama: Probably my favorite blog when it comes to recap, the author is just so funny! She wrote recaps for Cruel Romance and many of Hawick Lau’s dramas. A true delight to read. Her last post dates from last February and I don’t know if she will ever come back.
  • Dr-Myri: Another superb blog for recap. They go in so much details and are filled with images and details. The blog does Chinese and Korean dramas and cover a lot of them.
  • My Drama Tea does recaps for Zhen Huan Zhuan, Bu Bu Jing Xin, Nirvana in Fire and Ode to Joy.
  • Cdramadevotee also have some nice recaps for you!

Want to read the original book of the movie/drama that is adapted from?

Blog Recommendations

Cdramadevotee (link)

  • Some shameless promotion! Before we moved to centdevotee.wordpress.com, we wrote more than one year of content on our first blog cdramadevotee.com. There are still tone of information on the blog which you can check out, even if it will probably never be updated anymore. The site includes recaps for Best Get Going, dedicated posts for most c-actors/actresses, tones of galleries, features, list of 2016 dramas, etc. Worth exploring in my opinion 😉

AVirtualVoyage (link)

  • You probably checked the blog already as we refer to them often for drama summary. Content wise, we are pretty similar as we both focus on Chinese entertainment news although her blog keeps track on a few other countries (Korean’s Running Man, Thailand’s new It Started With a Kiss, etc). She also gives download links for airing dramas and their OST. A lot of good stuff to check out.

Cfensi (link)

  • Another great blog to find drama stills, they mostly focus on sharing Chinese project stills, photoshoots, etc although they also do a few reviews and drama analysis (I remember cool design explanation for Nirvana in Fire). I really like they Sinology Sunday where they talk about various Chinese dynasties, the culture and dress code. The admins are definitely experimented when it comes to history facts.

JayneStars (link)

  • If you feel like we are missing out on TVB news and the HK world in general, you should definitely check this news outlet! This post information about Hong Kongenese entertainment as well as mainland stuffs from time to time. A pretty nice and active site! ps; lot’s of gossips on it. hehe

China Entertainment News (link)

  • I am not sure if this can be considered a blog and they barely put any opinions in their posts (I sometime wonder if they are a bot website), but they release constantly great posts about Chinese entertainment. A lot of photoshoots, press conferences and articles about the current state of Chinese entertainment.

SkimmedMilkDRAMA (link)

  • A great platform where they write just novel translations, recaps, reviews, features, photoshoots and entertainment news! They mostly focus on Mainland and Taiwanese dramas, but also did Japanese, Cantonese and Korean stuffs too so definitely go check them out. They worked on recapping shows like We Are In Love, Go Fighting, Legend of Miyue, My Best Ex-Boyfriend, etc.

The Problematic of the Unproblematic A SqueeCapper’s Paradise (link)

  • Mostly focused on recapping and ranting, this is one hell of a funny blog to check out! They recap from any culture (Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese) and had some amazing job with dramas like The Mystic Nine, Tomb Raiders, Ice Fantasy, The Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire!

Koala’s Playground (link)

  • A fun blog that used to have a lot more Chinese and Taiwanese contents, I feel like it focus heavily on Korean dramas now. She does still pop up a few great Chinese work posts so keep a tab on them. And if you like kdramaworld, you are lucky because she posts a lot daily on that! She did the recaps of a few BubuJingxin scenes and did the translation of novels like Lost You Forever, Da Mo Yao, and Yun Zhong Ge.

Wuxia Edge (link)

  • A great blog dedicated to wuxia and xianxia dramas! They have so many fun features too so it is always nice to read on it!

My Drama Tea (link)

  • My amazing go to reference blog when I watched Bu Bu Jing Xin, this blog is amazing and real well done. Great writing skills all around as the admin writes about her favorite dramas: Zhen Huan Zhuan, Bu Bu Jing Xin, Nirvana in Fire and Ode to Joy. Her recent post about Ru Yi Legend is especially worthy to be read!

Mookie (link)

  • The blog has been around for four years now and it is the best place to find information about anything related to our golden Tangren trio (Yuan Hong, Liu Shishi and Hu Ge)!

Drama for Real (link)

  • They write posts for all industries (Chinese, Taiwanese, HK, Korean) and their recaps are awesome! For example, they did The Four 2015 and hit webdramas Addicted and Go Princess Go!

Dramadreamland (link)

  • With at least one post per month, the author of this blog shares her favorite shows of the months as well as whatever interests her. Fun to go read!

Ninja Reflection (link)

  • Mostly divided between Korean and Chinese dramas, this blog is active with currently airing dramas. For example, they are currently posting about Love O2O! There is Friday Drama Round Up which I like to read a lot!

The Underrated Gems (link)

  • Founded in 2012 and with the goal to focus on underrated Asian shows, it is no surprise that a lot of mainland contents are on the blog. I loved her Lan Ling Wang posts, but there really is a large selection of everything!

Picadrama (link)

  • Writing for a various range of dramas (Korean, Chinese, Taiwane, Thai, etc), this blog is also pretty nice for recaps and reviews. They did the recap for 6 episodes of Bu Bu Jing Qing.

SSmileforlife (link)

  • This is a fangirl blog! She talks about all news related to Wang Likun and Kris Wu. ^^

Drama Kiwi (link)

  • Recaps, reviews, features: this blog has it all! It is also pretty active which is awesome!

Currently less active blogs:

  • Searching for Uncertainty: Another blogger who writes about everything that interests her! A lot of good and interesting posts. There may be Korean and Chinese shows, but all in all, you can find lots of reviews on it.
  • Lifewithdramas: It has the potential to be active one day or another. The blogger is a Zhao Liying fan too and she wrote a lot of posts before.. deciding to restart new! She is currently writing recaps for Les Interpretes with Yang Mi.
  • Junjintianxia: Didn’t updated since September 2015, but it is still a fun blog to go to read about shows like Nirvana in Fire. ^^