[The Mystic Nine Special] 105 Secrets about Fo Ye and Er Ye


Hehe, because I love everyone so much and you guys are wonderful during this whole TMN recap season, here is one hell of a fun fangirling post ā¤ My awesome friend who started watching this show sent me links about facts to know about Fo Ye and Er Ye. These facts are from the novel so we won’t get too much OTP information. BUT, we get bromance information and let me tell you, it is quiet cheesy šŸ˜‰ Continue reading

[NCent] Shonen (Japanese Mangas) Recommendations


NCent stands for Not C-entertainment. I had been writing this post for what feels like years now. Here is my legacy about mangas. I often read mangas during my free time. They bring me back to my childhood in a way even dramas can’t do. There is such a huge variety and quantity of mangas that I can randomly find true gem. This week, I am sharing my list of favorite shonens (Japanese mangas that has mostly an audience of boys or that is more focused on action/adventure). Continue reading

Trending China Swimming/Diving Team at Rio 2016 With Amazing Performances


Yesterday was a glorious day for the Chinese swimming team as they won many medals and these hard working people brought honors to their homeland. Weibo was full of fans getting excited over three specific swimmers: Sun Yang, Ning Zetao and Fu Yuanhui. Not only them, but the diving team also received a lot of attention for their great performances. Continue reading

[List] My Top 5 Masterpiece Chinese Dramas


Chinese entertainment world had been producing a heavy quantity of goodĀ dramas during the past years. However, before quantity is always quality. The dramas I am listing here are masterpiece because they appeal to a large audience and were all huge hits as soon as they got released.Ā In these dramas, before the theme of love and adventure, it is the real struggle of life that is put up front: family, money, friendship, loyalty, nationalism. Now,Ā I am listing fiveĀ dramas of thisĀ category in chronological order. Continue reading

[Feature] C-Authors behind Popular Drama/Movie Adaptations


Novels turned into dramas became a trend after the explosive success of Bu Bu Jing Xin. Starting in 2012, mangas lost their appealĀ to the mainland audience and production teams turned to c-novelist for solid contents sure to please a large fanbase. Here is a list of the most well known modern c-authors. ^^

Continue reading

[Feature] Discover the World of Novoland


As today is the release date for drama Novoland Castle in the Sky, I am writing this special post about Novoland! One of our commenter, xingfenzhen, recently inspired me to write this post. He is an expert when it comes to the Novoland universe and shared some great information with us in the comment section. With the general interests toward these productions (Tribe and Empires, Novoland: Castle in the Sky, etc), I thought it would be a good idea to write a general post to guide through this new genre. Continue reading