Entertainment Update: Casting News, 20 Once Again, Ru Yi Zhuan, Mission Milano


How is everyone doing? Hehe, I know most people are excited for the episodes of Old Nine Gates (don’t lie to me!) … Anyway, so many beautiful stills and projects for this entertainment update… are you sure we are at the end of the summer? 😛

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New drama Drunk Linglong Casts Liu Shishi and William Chan


What?! Yes, Liu Shishi and William Chan are going to star in the same drama. This is going to be such a strong eye candy densed drama and I am already ready for all the prettiness. Can I get some stills, please? It is adapted from the novel 醉玲瓏 Drunk Linglong and they expect to start filming in October. Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Hot Girl, Love O2O, Love for Separation


The c-entertainment world is a lot slower this week, as more dramas are been produced and the Olympics kicks off. Well, I am not one to complain, since I have Zhu Xian and many dramas to watch 🙂

EDIT: Added some relevant trailer and pictures to previous projects in the post

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[Part 1] Wedding for Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin


We are making a two part posts for the amazing and unexpected wedding of Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin! I say unexpected because they went public barely a month ago and now, we have one of the most celebrities packed event of the year. ❤ Today, they held their pre-wedding dinner and they invited their closest friends. Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Zhu Xian, Sweet Sixteen, and Fighter of the Destiny


Lots of projects released stills, held press conference, new songs, etc, etc. Have fun on this beautiful Thursday morning! Continue reading

[Drama Review by angie] Precious Youth with Liu Shishi and Zheng Kai


I know that a fair number of our readers are Liu Shishi fans and let’s be real, we all saw her grew up from her young girl years in Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008 to today, the respected and irrepleceable Liu Shishi! She recently came out with her modern drama Precious Youth with Zheng Kai. Although I didn’t watch it myself, we are extremly lucky to have a commenter (angie) who did and felt like sharing her thoughts. And she generously let me share the say comment/review/rant with the viewers of this blog! 😀 Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Whirlwind Girl 2, LOCH, Flying Daggers, Blind Date


Hehe, felt like putting a refreshing picture at the top today. It is so hot!! *_* Is everyone surviving alright at the summer? This entertainment has tone of goodies and beautiful stills that got released. Enjoy! :3 Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Ode to Joy, Singing All Along, Sweet Sixteen, Trailer/MVs


I hope you guys have a long break because this entertainment update is going to take a long time 😛 Hope everyone had a beautiful week-end!

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