[Review] Comparing Love O2O Movie Vs. Drama


I wanted to write this post since I finished watching the movie version. The book Just One Smile Is Very Alluring also called Love O2O was adapted into a movie starring Angelababy and Jing Boran and a drama starring Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang. Both got released in August 2016. Personally, I prefered the movie to the drama. I have watched half of the drama and the whole movie, so this is not an opinion based on a few scenes nor my liking of the actors. Now, let’s get into this review!

Drama Information

  • Number of episodes: 30
  • Chinese name: 微微一笑很傾城
  • Stream the episodes directly on Croton MEGA HIT channel on youtube (or hunt videos on Baidu, Youku and Dailymotion)
  • Read recap on Ninja Reflection (so far summary for 27 episodes) or Avirtualvoyage (so far two episode).
  • You can catch the eng sub from DramaFever as they are the ones subbing the show.

Comparison Pictures

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The Movie


The movie was released a few weeks ago and as soon as it got released, a few filmed-at-the-theater versions got leaked. I immediately decided to watch it since I was anticipating it very much (I mean, the promotional tactics were pretty badass). Oh my god was I blown away by the quality, the execution and the acting. Angelababy was a true gem in this drama and it is a delight to discover her as Bei Weiwei. She is godly pretty with just enough sassiness to win over the whole audience. I didn’t read the novel before watching so I had no specific idea of what Weiwei is supposed to be. But Angelababy gave me the definition: Good person who loves her friends, play hard, work hard, a bit tomboy, a bit goddess and is not afraid to be herself. Jing Boran played the campus’ most popular guy, Xiao Nai. Handsome, but warm, he is always by Weiwei’s side and ready to protect her. The role didn’t need much acting prowess, just to be the white knight by the female lead’s side. So he accomplished his role perfectly. The friends on both sides are sweet and supportive and the love bloomed out beautifully. I especially loved the joke when Xiao Nai asks Weiwei what she will be doing tomorrow (after the basketball game) and she says to study, only to realize right after that she just finished her exams that day. Oh honey!

No need for extra blahblah, they meet in the game world, gets married in the game world and the meet to start dating in real life. Although there weren’t any angsy scenes, when Xiao Nai lost his deal for the video game’s rights, I truly felt bad as I looked at him isolated and crying. Weiwei’s support until the end and the (sexy) kiss they shared in the elevator fulfilled my every demand by the end of the movie. To end it all, they became success in a reasonable time frame and you see them happily going back to their favorite place in the game world. A nice ending that made me satisfied and craving for more.

The Drama

6 10 11

Archidisign’s review: With such high expectations, I waited patiently for the drama to get released. And as soon as it aired, I started watching nonstop, following the crazy two episodes a day schedule. With only 30 episodes, Just One Smile Is Very Alluring or Love O2O is definitely on the short end of the cdramaland. Promoted as a drama written by the author Gu Man herself and produced by the people behind Boss&Me and My Sunshine, I knew that this drama has everything to make it the hit of the summer. And boy was that right as Love O2O gets the most viewership right now and is trending every day, with the beautiful face of Yang Yang for everyone to see.

As the script has been written by the author, most dialogues are directly transferred from the book . A lot of scenes are also, of course, exactly like in the movie. Zheng Shuang does a very appropriate Weiwei as she is smart, independent, sassy and kind. Yang Yang’s Xiao Nai becomes more handsome than what I knew before. He can play games, do programming, organize his own business, play Chinese chess, play basketball, etc, etc. It is at a level where I feel annoyed at their perfection, but I truly have no reason to since… there is nothing to hate on! And the drama makes the other friends so lacking in comparison that is hard to not see them as ideal (for example, Rachel Mao’s character is really annoying, loud and cause troubles to others). From episode one, it is clear that there is no way these two can even think of dating anyone else. They are proud of themselves, extremely similar in personality and just too perfect for anyone else to even try to approach.

I know Just One Smile Is Very Alluring is a fan service book, but the perfection of the characters make doubtful. For me, it Is important to at least relate a bit to the characters, but it is impossible to do so! I think why I love Boss&Me more than this drama is because in Boss&Me, we can relate to the silly and cute Shanshan who loves to eat. Also, Boss &Me makes it obvious that she lives in a fairy tale (recall all these comic like scenes). In Love O2O, the story shows real life cases with realistically/classic mean love rivals and real business situations. Hence, it puts the viewer in an awkward position: do I see this as a real life based story or a fairytale like story?? Of course, these complaints are more of minor details and do not destroy the drama quality overall.

Intellectualkitten’s review: First, I want to congratulate the crew for the excellent casting of Zheng Shuang. Hehe, ZS is perfect as Wei Wei and satisfies 100% all my shoujo fantasies. She portrays the happy-go-lucky, smart and elegant university student perfectly. Maybe it is because of ZS’s own lack of self esteem, but Wei Wei is such a beautiful girl, yet she is unaware of her own qualities. She is perfect, but also very subtle… it feels good to see an awesome guy such as Xian Nai taking care of her. As for Yang Yang, there is no doubt he is the obvious choice to play the perfect and dreamy Xiao Nai. He is sophisticated and upright, but each time he smiles… my cheesy heart melts instantly ><. And how can he say so many heartbreaker lines with such a straight face?? The two makes a beautiful couple and instead of been jealous, I think they suit each other very well. They make me feel calm.

I believe the beginning of the drama is draggy and the second half is a lot more interesting. The whole drama is very short and the lack of content is balanced by the cheesy dialogues and interesting conversations. And the second half managed to bring a lot of interesting topics on friendship, life, rivalry, and university life, and young love. I haven’t watched the movie and the story can definitely be summed up in less than two hours, so I will definitely give it a try. I would suggest the drama to everyone who need an easy feel good drama for the summer. The love story is portrayed perfectly in this project and I am so happy about the casting choice!

Oh ads of my heart ~ (drama version)

Did you spot the same products as we did? I don’t know the brand names but here are the recurrent ones:

  1. Squirrel Snacks (they were also heavily promoted in Ode to Joy!~ Good strategy)
  2. Orange Juice (“Gain the beauty to make Da Shen falls in love with you”)
  3. Drinking Yogurt
  4. Rio Alcoholic Drinks
  5. Laptop (used by everyone at Xiao Nai’s company)
  6. Online shopping (the roommates of Wei Wei)
  7. OPPO Cellphone “charge 5 minutes, talk 2 hours”
  8. (maybe) Face Mask

Steamy gifs of the main couple ^^

704_2007811_496075 704_2007800_424239 704_2007794_976785 704_2007788_727674 704_2007816_335729 704_2007823_278117 704_2007814_896296

Gaming thoughts

This is really really a side note. Am I the only one not playing video games? Well, this may not be a shock if I say that I pass all my free time blogging, reading blogs/articles and meeting friends. It takes all my time outside of work! And I never really noticed before, but I do feel like this summer a lot of people are playing games. Ranging from Pokemon Go to LoL/WoW, etc, is everyone that addicted to gaming? Or is it only a phenomenon in China; only in the drama? Please enlighten me!

In the movie, the focus is more on Angelababy’s Weiwei. In the drama, I find a lot more focus on the male god Yang Yang’s Xiao Nai. For me, it is more important to relate to the girl before fangirling to the guy so my choice goes to the movie! All in all, this is simply my opinion. I know full well that the drama is getting a lot more attention and many people believe it is the best Gu Man work. So, feel free to contradict me. I won’t take it personal! 😉

73 thoughts on “[Review] Comparing Love O2O Movie Vs. Drama

    • intellectualkitten says:

      For sure, this drama is only fun to watch as a stress free series for the summer, I can understand if many people lost interest in it really fast. I found Zheng Shuang akward, but at the same time, I would probably act the same way… since I am also very shy 😛


    • KinKin says:

      so am I, I prefer the movie from the drama, because of wei wei in the movie, more attractive and Angela Baby acting is so Lovable. right, ZS acting is too akward


  1. Pooh says:

    I have watched the drama version, I think ZS a little bit awkward when she have a romantic scene with YY, it seems only YY having crush on her,so different from ZLY & ZH at boss & me which both of them feel comfort each other so the romatic scene really great. I also feel litlle bit disspointed when they change FT it will be very interesting if they have ZH as cameo.just imagine they make drama for both of the epilogue (I have already read the novel and love it especially when SS&FT have game competition with WW&XN..lol).and ZS look so skinny in here just affraid they will break her bone. There is video made by fans for ZLY & YY as SS & XN in Avirtualvoyage


    • I think ZS is not exactly bad when acting alongside YY for everyday interactions (not perfect either). But when it is like kiss scene, she barely moves. And her head is so small that I am worried YY will break her with his passionate kiss XD So I can’t totally get into the moment.
      ZLY and ZH’s OTP were so strong in Boss &Me and I think they were perfectly casted together. That epilogue sounds so good!! *_* If they can do it, that would be awesome! … except that means having Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang in the same frame… ohoho..
      Saw! It is awesome! But I like the official OTPs more. :3

      Liked by 1 person

      • Pooh says:

        Yess she is awkward when they have kiss scene..Ahh but I think it’s good idea for pairing ZLY & YY just want to know are they can make a great chemistry together? And it will be interesting to make WC having competitor..lol


      • omg, like making WC the CEO’s son? Or Cao Guan? Yeah, there is no role for WC in this drama. He is too good to play side character. Maybe cast him as FT for new Boss&Me?
        I do think YY and ZLY would look awesome in a drama together and their chemistry would be awesome (can you imagine their kiss scenes?! omg). However, as much as I love ZLY, she doesn’t have the look to play Weiwei. Weiwei is supposed to love gaming and is really chill. Liying has more of a awkward, hardworking image.


      • Pooh says:

        Agree with you..ZLY suitable being shanshan than weiwei..gosshh YY & ZLY kiss scene should be great..hello mr producer there we are waiting for this new pairing..anyway. Are GuMan blazing sunlight already being filming? Wanna start to read the novel.


    • Jdean says:

      I am thinking if chinese see skinny women, beautiful?
      is it how they see Baeuty? is it how chinese men prefer a women?

      Or ZS is just too skinny to the point that she’s like a walking stick?

      Just an opinion guys, I didn’t mean to offend her or anyone directly. 😀


  2. keekeepod says:

    I only watched Angelababy in drama Love Yunge from the Desert. Her character irritated me so much that I still can’t bring myself to watch her other work.

    I finished the drama version of Love O2O. I like the first half more. Xiao Nai’s roommates are a hoot😆 Neither Xiao Nai nor Wei Wei are perfect. He can be presumptuous, a little petty, possibly possessive, and perhaps overprotective. I also detect a bit of a jealous streak in him. She is an enabler of Er Xi’s bad behaviors. She is also passive and submissive with Xaio Nai.

    However, this is the only contemporary cdrama that doesn’t irritate me to no end. The OTP’s romance is a stress-free watch, which is rare and quite pleasant. I’ve had many good chuckles from ep 1 to ep 29½.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Not only his roommates, but all his coworkers too. Honestly, there is not one bad looking person in this drama… and their leader is Yang Yang 😛 I completely agree with your description of Xiao Nai and Wei Wei… the couple is almost ethereal by how they act around each other. It is romantic, but also surreal… I am not sure how I feel about this drama. It was pleasant to watch, but it gives me a very lukewarm feeling.
      Angelababy has some good projects, but I think she is slightly overrated ><

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  3. ladyofshalot says:

    Generally I don’t watch Chinese dramas because they are so long, but I was able to watch all 30 episodes of 微微一笑很傾城. Must be the power of YY. ZS does seem awkward in her interactions with YY in the beginning, but I think it became more natural as their relationship developed. So overall I’m satisfied with the love story of their characters. However I do wish there was more development given to some of the side characters like ZS’s roommates. I guess at least they added the story arc for Rachel Mao’s character, which was not in the book. Now I just have to check out the movie version, which sounds promising from you guys’ review!


    • I know! As many complaints as I may have, I loved watching everyday the episodes to the point of addiction. It is only 30 episodes too, so it passed really fast. ZS looks awkward with YY, especially for the kiss. Added that she physically is not Weiwei at all, sometime it became hard to concentrate.
      I love that older-sister-like-roommate (the owner of the big apartment), wish we had more of that! Rachel Mao’s character’s story was weird at first, but so cute by the end! Sad when she realized she was a replacement for Weiwei all along, but also happy she got a happy ending. Also, loved the Mei Ren and KO couple!! ❤ Yeah, definitely check the movie after!


      • Seung Meiwha says:

        Ich habe die Drama/Serie zuerst gesehen, am anderen Tag darauf gleich nochmals von vorn, danach erst habe ich durch euch erfahren dass es noch einen Film gibt. Sogleich auf YouTube ihn angesehen.
        Welch eine Enttäuschung!
        Die Drama/Serie ist um Längen besser.
        In der Game-Grafik, die Schauspieler sind aus meiner Sicht hübscher man erkennt die Campusqueen genauso wie die Fachschönheit, die ausgewählten Orte der Szenen wie Restaurants, Begegnung ect. sind malerischer und anziehender.
        Es wird hier erwähnt die Kusszenen, ich finde es sehr passend dass in die Drama/Serie Luwei Weiwei zurückhaltend, ehrfürchtig und tugendhaft wirkt, da sie eine ehrbare Frau ist und keine Knutschqueen.
        In die Drama/Serie wird sehr viel von der traditionellen Lebensweise dargestellt und ich kann mich sehr gut hineinversetzen und nachempfinden.
        Im Gegensatz im Film hätten die Studenten genauso gut auch in U.S.A oder Deutschland/Europa leben können, ich hätte kaum ein Unterschied feststellen können. Aber die Drama/Serie unterscheidet sich sehr stark und zeigt so die Welt Chinas wie sie sich zu Europa U terscheidet.

        In die Drama/Serie finde ich die beiden passen perfekt in ihre Rollen. Beide Schauspieler drücken Leidenschaft und wahre Gefühle wahrhaftig zum Ausdruck, im Film wirken die Gefühle gekünstelt und aufgezwungen, hätte man besser mehr Ausdruck verleihen können.
        Wie eben in die Drama/Serie.

        Solch ein grosser Qualitäts-Unterschied habe ich nicht erwartet, habe gedacht ich müsste mir beide Film und Drama kaufen, aber ich werde mir nur die Drama/Serie besorgen, der Film ist es nicht wert, sorry. Ist nur meine eigene ehrliche Meinung. Ich will niemanden beleidigen, aber das ist immer schwierig wenn man zwei miteinander vergleicht.


  4. lily says:

    Hmmmm, I haven’t seen the movie (I really want a HQ one but its all cam-style so far) but from the clips I see, AB is what makes the movie great. Whereas in the drama, it’s definitely YY. Honestly ZS bothered me a little at first. She was a touch awkward and just… very, very skinny. I spent the majority of the first few episodes fearing her arms would snap when she swung around her sword. As I watched more episodes though, it definitely became less of a focal point (guess I got used to it?). I have yet to finish the drama. I’m at the point where the second lead becomes an irritating asshole and :cccccc I hate forced misunderstandings.

    Among my group of Chinese friends, we all agreed that if AB and YY were casted in the same movie/drama, it probably would have been the best. Alas, things do not work out this way. Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I understand you. I am waiting for HQ.. to rewatch!! :3
      ZS in her gaming outfit especially looks so skinny! And then everyone around her saying that she is so pretty, it bothered me as it felt like they are sending the wrong message about beauty to the watchers.. Really hope she gains some pounds for her next drama.
      Don’t worry! Most people end up with a happy ending and a change in personality, keep watching! I hate forced misunderstandings.
      Yeah, Angelababy and YY would look so good together. Wish that was true! Thanks!


      • I AGREE! I reread the novel for 7 times & I rewatching their drama for 2 times. This drama adaption is amazing. Altough the appearance of ZS doesnt look like WW in the novel but her acting isnt that bad & fit with WW personality in the novel. For YY hmm no comment. YY & ZS = perfect pair lol


  5. i read the novel, watched the movie and the drama (havent finished ep 29-30— no without engsub :D). I plan to make the review for movie and drama, comparing, but you did it first 😀

    i personally enjoy the drama more than the movie. perhaps i am just not a fan of movie (i rarely watch movies, or go to cinema hehe).

    personally, after reading the novel, ZS portraits Wei Wei better than AB. But i think, from appearance/look, AB suits Wei Wei’s look in novel more. As a fan of both guys, haha.. Boran and Yang Yang, i have no complaint about the boys. (love is somewhat blind :P).

    Although i prefer drama rather than movie but i like both adaptation. and the ost. ❤

    Great recap ^^


    • Haha, you will have wayy more in-depth than since you already know the novel well so you won’t be comparing blindly!
      I enjoyed both drama and movie. Movie felt like a crazy fun ride as I rediscovered Angelababy. Drama was like an easy walk in the park that makes my heart flutter. I think I should go to the cinema more hihi
      Really? That is interesting! I do feel like the drama had a lot more opportunities for Weiwei to shine with her friends and family, so that is probably why the character in the drama is more relatable to the original novel. And, omg! yes, the OST is so good ❤


  6. I dropped drama after WW and XN start dating in real cause level of sugar was exceeded. Honestly leads are very dashing but I felt tired very soon of all this perfect monotony. ZS was a little awkward while YY was very wooden. I more enjoyed scenes of side charters than leads. XN’s roommates are so cool and fanny that I would give them more screen-time than main lead.

    Movie I like more cause characters weren’t that much stencil-like and they were more real than in drama. And visual part is on top, Well plot is of course is very narrow in movie and it’s understandable, screen-time, but whatever I enjoyed it not less than drama.

    Liked by 1 person

    • In an interview, Yang Yang also said that it is the first time he acts in such a sweet drama. xD I felt annoyed at time by the perfect monotony, but I was too into it to stop! Side characters are awesome because they are the ones bringing all the drama (after all, ZS and XN are too perfect to do anything wrong xD). XN’s friends are so chill, I could watch them the whole drama. But I like the romance too so not that disappointed.
      Exact! The movie didn’t make them sound so perfect. The fact that Xiao Nai can lose and feels sad makes it even better! Angelababy plays the perfect “campus crush” too. I want to watch the movie again *o*


      • That’s exactly what’s bother me with the drama. I want see live being characters with flaws and real emotions and in drama they are very unnatural, especially Xiao Nai. I prefer more movie’s Xiao Nai he is cool but not a God, he smile and cry while dramas Xiao Nai more remindes me character from dating stimulater.


      • Unnatural for me too! I don’t know if someone like Xiao Nai will ever exist, but it makes the drama felt unreal. I wanted to be like everyone and dream of someone like Xiao Nai, but felt extremly unrealistic. HAHA, yes a dating stimlater character!! A 100% that. The movie gave me a lot more depth and I loved that ><


  7. Cat says:

    I loved the book. I plowed through it and really didn’t expect to enjoy a book that has such a gaming theme. But when I did read it before; I really enjoyed it. And while I haven’t watched the movie yet. I am about 1/2 through with the drama. I’ve actually skipped the scenes as it was a bit slow in some areas for me. Then, any scenes with YY, mmhmm. Boy, that boy has got a set of lips on him and he sure worked it. I could just stare at those gifs all day long. mmmmuwa.mmmmmuuwa.


    • Haha, all of Gu Man’s books are apparently highly recommended! I never read any of them, but watched the drama adaptations instead!
      I agree, I also skipped a few scenes that got too sweet with no substance (don’t send me to the dentist!) HAHHAA, yes, Yang Yang’s lips are perfect for kissing *blush*

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Cass says:

    I liked the drama. I liked the characters Somehow despite some very annoying villains I enjoyed the trouble they caused.

    Yang Yang’s is so beyond handsome in this drama. I think he did well playing the character.
    I fell in love with Zhang BinBin too. It’s a sad thing his character did not play the game I so wanted to see how his game persona would look like.

    One character that I could not stand a second was the one played by Rachel Mao for the same reasons as you Archidisign. I did skip all her scenes when I could not handle her anymore.

    I did not watch the movie so I’ll find it to watch very soon.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Me too. Even the villain are not exactly evil. When I think about it, it is certainly a weird drama xD

      Can you remind me who Zhang BinBin is? Is it KO? I liked how the drama added a little BL side story, it was refreshing yet very cute.


  9. OMG I’m 100% on board with you! I saw the movie and prefer it to the drama. It has better execution and Angelababy plays a better Wei Wei. The OTP in the drama is too sweet. I mean, I love Yang Yang but I was hoping he would be a bit more manly since he’s a gamer. Jing Boran has that manly aura. Also, the drama is a bit draggy. I mean, every character gets their own scene. Not a bad idea but I really want to focus on the OTP and the story itself.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah! The movie was done beautifully and everything felt spot on. Loved that they went to an actual Internet Bar for the gaming scenes and it looks more legit that Xiao Nai felt for her there than say at the drama internet bar that looks like a school library xD Yeah, for someone studying gaming in the department of CS, there is just so much flower boying we can take xD The movie was short and right to each point. Loved that!

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  10. DramaLvr says:

    Watched the entire drama and the movie and I think the drama is so much better. JBR does not have the kind of aura that Yang Yang has, and after watching the drama, it just seems like the movie felt too rushed without proper character or relationship development. The drama had so much banter between the two and there were many times when their relationship was tested, but their trust in each other trumped all of that. I usually get bored after the leads get together, but their relationship is so awesome that I wouldn’t mind 100 more episodes of them just being together. That almost never happens with any other couple I have seen in a drama.

    The drama is not without its problems, mostly Zheng Shuang’s lack of kissing ability and the ridiculous amount of product placement. I have a few more to add to your list:
    – Jeep, nobody drives any other brand
    – Milk Tea, mostly in the beginning
    – That squirrel looking throw pillow with glasses that just happens to be in everybody’s home

    However, if someone asks me for an overall grade, I would give it an A+. It’s just such a feel good drama. There are no ups and downs with the plot, but the way they stand up for themselves and each other, the way they rip into people when they need to, the way they communicate and work things out is really so enjoyable to watch, unlike most dramas. It is so refreshing and I will definitely watch it again when I am looking for something to put a smile on my face.


    • DramaLvr says:

      I forgot to add, the last episode of the drama was perfection. Everything in the movie was just so abrupt, including that ending. You only got to see their relationship start developing like two thirds of the way through and all of a sudden it ends.


    • Interesting. JBR definitely doesn’t have the aura of Yang Yang and Yang Yang is like a perfect prince charming walking straight out of a book. So I also think he is best suited for the role of Xiao Nai. However, as someone who didn’t read the book and didn’t really need a perfect Xiao Nai, the reality of JBR’s character, how relateble he is makes his depiction better for me.
      The drama made their story so sweet that totally, the extra episodes felt like eating candies. No drama at all, but tone of pretty scenes that make your heart flutter. I loved that part too, although I missed having dramatic moments from time to time.
      Haha, so true! Thanks for adding to the list. The jeep one. It is not even THAT great and everyone has one haha.
      Most people loved this drama so I am definitely not surprised at your high rating! Hopefully we get more Gu Man stories soon!


    • j says:

      I’m almost glad they cover such a variety in product placement. I remember (Gu Man’s?) Best Time drama was just Pepsi overload throughout. The monotony was somewhat sickening.

      Dramas picked up by Hunan TV often have one particular brand of facial mask, (yang yang brand? I forgot) yogurt appearing in them. Vita Coco, Rio, Audi appear in a lot of idol drama. Sometimes the actors have to say a line or two about how good yogurt or some drink is for human health. lol.


  11. jolin_chan says:

    Haven’t really watch the movie version, only a couple of minutes, but since the quality it’s not good so I’m gonna save it until I find a better version so I can’t say much about it. So far, I think ZS is what I imagine when re-read the novel, minus her so skinny figure, she played the beauty but didn’t realize how pretty she is and kind but sometimes sassy personalities really spot on. I also can tolerate her approach of the kiss scene in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd kiss, I think it suited the image of Wei2 lacked of experience in the kiss department, I was hoping that she will be less awkward in several of the ending kisses, but in the end I still can accept them.

    While AB, I think she suited the beauty part without every other characters have to remind the viewer that Wei2 has great figure (in ZS’s case is kinda unconvincing that she supposedly has a certain big part with such skinny arm like that, so it’s kinda funny that every other characters must reminding the viewers of that details, and I think it’s gonna confuse the viewer who haven’t read the novel), but I find that AB is too tomboyish compare to the novel version, and she certainly look very sassy but lack of the calm and composure that I imagine of Wei2. So I think both ZS and AB has their own strength and flaws.

    While Yang2, what can I say, I surprise the boy can kiss that hot 😀 I also imagining like you all, what’s gonna happen if he team up with ZLY? I think the screen is gonna burn with their hotness, or we didn’t even have the chance to watch the kiss because it all got cut on the editing floor like one certain summer drama last year 😛

    I can’t say much about JBR though, but seeing his potrayal from the trailer, he certainly bring another adaptation of Xiao Nai that’ll be interesting to watch.

    I also wish that ZH and LY could cameo for the role of Boss and Shan2. Because eventhough ZH and ZS has that history, in this drama, their characters didn’t even meet, but I think it’s gonna be major awkward on the set though? And is it perhaps because ZS knew Yang2 is friend with ZH, that’s why she feel awkward when they film the kiss scene together? Confusing confusing 😀

    Overall I really enjoy the drama, is a road to memory lane, because I played several MMORPG games few years back, so I can relate to certain events and scenes right since the 1st time I read the novel and thumbs up to all the peoples who can turn all those scenes to drama version (and also movie version). The ‘put the dialogue from the novel straight to the drama thing’ sometimes makes me so embarassed to watch though because of the level of cheesyness but at the same times I also love how the drama can put all those memorable dialogue into live version.
    And now I can’t wait to watch 3L3W movie version, I need more Yang2 and LYF 😀


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Use the following words on Youtube or Dailymotion and you will be able to find a first edition of the movie: 微微一笑很倾城 电影版. The quality isn’t too good but the movie will have Eng Subs 🙂


  12. Angie says:

    I read the book a million times and it’s a book I have very fond memories and feelings attached to it so when I heard the drama news about a year ago I threw a party in my brain and have been waiting patiently (ok I lied, I was super impatient) for the release of the drama and the movie. I watched the movie first, I think visually the cinematography was beautiful and more detailed than the drama version. But the drama version definitely won out for me, in obvious and less obvious ways. First, it’s a drama, so there’s more time to develop characters and the plot so people who never read the book can kinda feel like they’ve read it since it follows the book very closely (except for Er Xi’s, played by Rachel Mao, love line which was new) while the movie version definitely was more choppy and didn’t give the same impression of each character’s personality/background info.

    I felt that movie Xiao Nai wasn’t really “god like” like book and drama version of Xiao Nai, he was just the campus hottie and while Jing Boran IS super hot (NiNi and him are both so lucky to have each other) he didn’t have the aura I was expecting from Xiao Nai. Yang Yang was a perfect fit, he was a little more wooden than I thought while acting out Xiao Nai but overall he hit it spot on with the very manly and steady voice and mannerism. If one thing bugged me a little, it was that it looked more like Yang Yang was purposefully posing cooly than actually being cool. You know how some male actors pull off that holier than thou, better than you, arrogant air? If Yang Yang had thrown a little bit of that feel in, I think he would’ve looked a little more natural rather than stiff. Overall, Yang Yang’s portrayal though was a clear winner in terms of following the book and translating book Xiao Nai into real life Xiao Nai. Props to Jing Boran too though, for making his character work with Angelababy’s version of Wei Wei!

    Movie Wei Wei, played by Angelababy, was really cute and visually stunning but I felt like she was acting more like herself than like Wei Wei. It worked but also didn’t work for me, like if this had been a movie not tied to the book I probably would’ve liked it more but because I had a preconceived image and notion of Wei Wei’s personality I felt that personality wise, Angelababy missed Wei Wei’s personality. Zheng Shuang definitely matched Wei Wei’s personality much more, I’d say she was the perfect Wei Wei but like everyone else, she wasn’t as boldly beautiful as book Wei Wei is described to me. That’s not to say that Zheng Shuang isn’t beautiful, she is very beautiful but more in a tall and willowy way rather than the rumored 34C (I think it was 34C) big boobed, curvy, and hot bodied way that the book makes Wei Wei to be. Like everyone, I was kinda let down by Zheng Shuang’s kissing ability, the first couple of kisses I could look over since they’re in a new relationship but even towards the end she didn’t look like she was really enjoying the kisses and there lacked passion on her end. Also small note, I liked Angelababy’s stylist and makeup artist more than Zheng Shuang’s.

    Plot wise, the movie was really quick and snappy; everything happened at the snap of a finger. The drama, I’d say the first half was a little slow while the second half picked up speed and was more “fun.” But as slow as the first half felt, it was enjoyable and I think embodies the essence of the book being a fan-service book very well; it was steady, there was just a slow and steady buildup of romance between our leads without any real competition trying to tear them apart (let’s be real, Meng Yi Ran and Cao Guang never stood a chance and never actually succeeded in doing any sort of damage to Xiao Nai and Wei Wei’s relationship.) The second half was more exciting because drama started to hit the fan and all the exciting moments like the big reveal on Wei Wei’s identity to her ex-guild members, Zhen Shui Wu Xiang’s realization that he basically game-divorced a super pretty girl for a conniving fox, and etc. The second half was also when all of my favorite moments happened, while the first half was like a steady rock I really wish it were more like the second half where the chemistry between our leads became more alive. My ultimate favorite episode was when Xiao Nai and Wei Wei visit her family home and he wins her dad over; as a couple they finally looked comfortable and both actors looked a lot more naturally in character. The last two episodes is also where we got to see Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang go back and forth with conversation in a flirty way that made me super giddy; the first half of the drama their interactions were more careful and it didn’t feel like Wei Wei was participating a lot, which was made a lot more obvious by how relaxed and sassy she acts with her friends normally. Yang Yang definitely looks more heart breakingly handsome to me, in my opinion, when he’s laughing, smiling, and more carefree/naturally himself compared to the first half where he’s more silent, a little standoff-ish

    Overall, while I enjoyed both the movie and drama, I’d say the drama was the winner for me because I wanted more and more and more whereas the movie I felt satisfied when it ended and I didn’t really feel like I wanted to continue watching Jing Boran and Angelababy’s portrayal of Xiao Nai and Wei Wei because it felt like a “the end.” The drama version made me wish they had filmed the multiple epilogues or thrown in even more fan service, like maybe a written up scene of Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang as a family with a child or if they’d filmed an actual wedding scene too. The chemistry and momentum of the second half of the drama is also what I think makes me want more, because I want more of those interactions. I’m actually really sad that the drama is over because I waited so long for it and it’s surreal that it’s over already. Both the drama and movie has their pros and cons, but they’re both excellent in their own ways and I have no qualms recommending both to watch for casual viewers who’ve never read the book as well as fans of the book because both bring elements of the book to life. :’) Thankfully, 30 episodes at around 40 minutes each is very marathonable LOL I already know what my weekend activity is going to be…

    Anyways, it’s been an amazing ride with this blog, I was a silent reader for a very long time before I finally decided to comment and I’m sad it’s coming to an end too. I’ll head over to the farewell post to say my thanks now!


  13. oppaslayer says:

    This is my 2nd C-Drama after Boss and Me. Both leads are so beautiful to look at. The story is light and feel good. I am enjoying it so far except for the character of Er Xi. My god the character annoys me to no end and I usually skip over her scenes for fear of pulling all my hair and face palming to death due to irritation. I can’t believe someone like Er Xi could even manage to pass the University entrance exams.


  14. For everyone that can’t get enough of Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang, you can watch the variety/ reality show ”Divas Hit The Road 2” https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUM8x224JrX-m1im6EJR9sy86b7QbxdgK Jing Boran was also in it (unfortunately it isn’t subbed except for two latter episodes and a Yang Yang documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blwnqGKNUZw ).

    They took a month long trip together last year along with other celebrities. Which is why I thought it was hilarious that Yang Yang and Jing Boran took on the same role because they are so different in personality xD though I liked both their portrayal of Xiao Nai.

    Also before the trip Jing Boran and Zheng Shuang played in a Romantic drama together called ”Xiang Ai Chuan Suo Qian Nian” ( which is the Chinese version of the Korean drama ”Queen In Hyun’s Man”), http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Xiang_Ai_Chuan_Suo_Qian_Nian so if you are interested in how Jing Boran and Zheng Shuang would act together you can watch that ( I don’t know if there are subtitles available though). https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0PsHrQxhYwS1hwtszEIudhkHaapPeXgh

    And if you still want more, Yang Yang, Zheng Shuang and Jing Boran were also on Happy Camp together, as promotion for Divas Hit The Road 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLx4Xv3mxhA ( which has subtitles) and again later https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4fPmu0wU3Y ( don’t know if there is a subbed version).


  15. Vee says:

    I prefer the drama. I found the actress in the drama more believable as a naive and innocent young woman. The actress in the movie doesn’t have that air of innocence. I think the two main male leads for the drama and the movie were about the same.


  16. I’ve finished both and in my opinion we can´t even compare the movie with the drama. Why? It’s very easy, the drama is so so so much better than the movie. Yang Yang’s role is just wonderful i mean he couldn’t be more perfect for this role. I liked very much this drama ‘cuz they shows how should be every relationship, he always trust her through everything, he is a gentleman in so many ways.Without neglecting, how incredibly smart and clever is Xaio Nai in everything he wants, excepting cooking haha. He is like the man of the dreams of every girl. By the other side, the Xaio Nai in the movie is so different. It’s true that he is more warm sometimes with Wei Wei but he lose the interesting side that has Xaio Nai at the drama. And the story at the movie is so quickly that we can’t get in love with them. Again, the drama is so damn good i just have a critique, i would have liked a better ending. I mean, they should show the wedding, what happened between Er Xi and Cao Guang and all these kind of things. But i recommended to watch the drama, you wont be dissapointed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Evalangerz23 says:

      we seemed like sharing the same point of view haha i don’t get it those who prefer the movie it doesn’t seemed comparable to me at all


  17. Evalangerz23 says:

    I watched both but I still prefer the drama a lottttt more than the movie.
    i haven’t read the novel but i could tell that Wei Wei is supposed to be reserved, cool, passionate and graceful which ZS perfectly played. (I’m really sure abt this bcs I would describe her like that before I knew Weiwei’s character in the novel should be)
    but angelababy made weiwei into a bit too easygoing and even clumsy.
    and jing boran failed to potray Xiao Nai as a really famous guy. he seemed like a geek to me rather than devilishly handsome, cold-hearted but romantic guy like YY did.
    Anddd i find AB n JB are more awkward and i don’t hv any heart fluttering moments at all.
    also there’s no KO and Hao Mei relationship, not even a hint.

    so yeah i preferred the drama sooo much more eventhough it doesn’t seemed real. it’s the best way to release a long day stress


  18. I am about in the same boat as you, I watched this because Boss and Me is one of my ultimate favorite dramas. From there I started binging this drama and became hooked. Then I read the English translated books for both Love O2O and Shan Shan and enjoyed how unique the author’s voice is and the humor was well done. I found the movie version of Love O2O and was quite disappointed because it just didn’t have time to build the relationship to make it believable for me.
    Angelababy was my favorite of the two Wei Wei’s because I liked the spunkier take on Wei Wei. Jing Boran was good as ZN, I just wanted to see more of his character in the film. Yang Yang was drop dead gorgeous and must have started a million crushes when this aired. I liked YY’s portrayal of ZN; he had excellent bromance and some nice subtle teasing scenes and humor (I truly think subtlety is essential for a Gu Man work). So much of her written characters interactions are subtle, small moments that are what build the romantic relationships.
    If only Feng Teng could have been a cameo for XH then the drama would have been perfection for me. I love the almost calming nature of both Boss & Me and Love O2O, they are so easy to rewatch and enjoy in between more serious dramas.

    After seeing Wallace Chung in General and I, I really need to check out his Gu Man drama even though I heard it has a heavier tone than either of these.


  19. tyn123 says:

    I watched both and enjoyed the movie a lot more too. I dropped the book not that far in because I’m not into these types of college romance stories. Out of the 3 popular Gu Man stories I thought Love o2o (Just one smile is very alluring) was the worst of the bunch, lack of drama and over perfect characters was not my cup of tea.

    But I started the drama anyway, since Yang Yang is so good looking and I actually liked ZS from way back in her Meteor Garden days. I struggled to finish the drama and actually dropped it 1/3 of the way in and watched the movie. I liked the movie then went back to finish the drama.

    I liked the movie because it was shorter, I liked the movie because it was realistic, I liked the movie because it felt like a rite of passage for our characters, I liked the movie because Wei Wei participated in the success of their future.

    Visually, I liked the movie for the game scenes but appreciate the drama for intentionally photoshopping everyone to look like they are in a game, Movie Wei Wei is so drop dead gorgeous that when I went back to watch the drama and a character will go on a rant of how beautiful Wei Wei is it annoyed me less because I would remember what Movie WW looked like. Stylistically, both girls are dressed in different styles, from memory, book WW was dressed very average but because she had a hot body always gave off a sexy image. Neither one of these girls were it. But movie WW looked more like an IT student then drama WW did so there is a bonus. What kind of IT student doesn’t carry their laptop and charger around?! Not to mention drama WW, or anyone in the drama, looked like they know how to play online games.

    Plot wise, drama would definitely win, as much as I appreciated the fast pace of the movie, the relationship did move way too fast, I like the build up the drama had more, but maybe with less cheese and more condensed. Could do without almost everyone else, if you’re not going to keep the boy love plot line then just remove it to not annoy fans, half baked jobs annoy me just as much.

    I think if I were to recommend, I would tell people to watch the movie 1st, then drama.


  20. Kawai says:

    this is the first c-drama that i’ve watched and im hooked. I usually watched up to 16 episodes of kdrama and rarely watched 20 episodes because im so lazy. So far, this is the longest drama that i’ve watched but i didn’t get tired of the characters at all. As they all said above, it is so easy to watch, love the chemistry, the background is so dreamy and it makes my heart melt whenever the uptight Xiao Nai smiles!!! I can’t help myself on crushing over Yang Yang! From now on, his on my list of Oppas lol Also, Wei wei looks awkward at first and so skinny, but i noticed that she’s getting prettier every episode or i guess she’s growing on me as i’m seeing a lil bit of Angela Zhang in some scenes lol. I’m currently on episode 15, where they hugged which made me so damn happy, and i just saw the GIF omg my heart can’t take it! lol


  21. Beti says:

    Could you tell me the tittle of instrument music which play in movie when Xiao Nai and Weiwei in Sunset Park? Or when Xiao Nai went to stair and come to Weiwei that she was watching Xiao Nai’s basket ball competition?


  22. anna says:

    I liked Boran better! I felt like he had more emotions than Yang Yang, even while sticking to XiaoNai’s calm and cool style. He was definitely more charismatic than YY, even though I would say that YY is more handsome. I feel like in acting, as long as you reach a level of good looking it’s alright, and acting skills can make you 200% more charismatic and loveable. Boran was still super handsome though, and he was definitely a lot more manly than YY.

    Also it was a bit annoying because in the drama there were so many mentions about WW’s full figure body but like…ZS doesn’t have a full figured body…just cut out that small plot line instead of shoehorning it in…

    The movie couple had a lot more chemistry than the drama couple, and AB was enjoying to watch! And I also loved KO in the movie version better, even if the drama version was more true to book KO. The drama version of KO had terrible acting -_- he had dead fish eyes (which is a feat bc his eyes are rlly pretty, but also super dead looking).


  23. I like the movie’s animation, cinematography and the leading lady which Wei Wei’s character was portrayed lovely just like what I pictured from the book.
    I like the drama’s leading man like bruuuuh he’s just so irresistible, I love his acting because in the manga if I am correct those cool short said XN was executed perfectly what I imagined is what was executed, also the 2 second smiles just what kept me watching till the bitter end, no it’s not bitter haha, thus I like how those annoying bitches was portrayed because they did annoyed me which is a good thing.
    ZS, I really don’t like how she executed the role she’s too confined of herself, awkward, and I am troubled on how skinny she is also can’t feel her emotions quite well.
    the drama’s animation wtf are you that low on budget?

    overall I still liked the drama more, though the acting on the movie is superb I just didn’t get the goosebumps.


  24. Katz C says:

    As for the ads at the series, I think you forgot Jeep (the car they’re using), Calvin Klein (where Cao got his present), Chanel (it was shown at Er Xi’s room during the internship summer), and the cough/colds medicine.


  25. I know I’m too late at this but hey! Thanks to Facebook who keep on playing the short clip. I like the drama more than the movie 🙂 Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang make a great couple. Although I feel like the ending was not good enough but I hope there will be sequel for this.


  26. Hmm. To be honest, I like them both, because they each have their good points that don’t lose out to each other so much that i wouldn’t re-watch them both.

    Best part of the movie: that kiss. It was clear how they were both into it, Wei Wei wasn’t just acting passive and looking like she was enduring it with her eyes wide open. That really bothered me in the drama, and it made me want to skip over those scenes T.T even though Yang Yang looked totally hot, when the woman doesn’t look as into it, all i can feel is awkward T.T…

    Best part of the drama: Yang Yang. That’s pretty much it XD! I liked his pretty face, I liked his voice (even though i couldn’t understand a thing he said), and I always fast forward to his scenes. He’s in my list of handsome actors to look forward to (or stalk online XD)

    Now, the problems:

    The movie was short, and felt very sped through, but I can understand the time restraint compared to a 30 episode drama. So, it was nice to have the drama (and novel, and manhwa) fill in some scenes for me. Still, i loved how the drama wasn’t so overplayed in the movie to the point the villains made me more uncomfortable than angry at them, ans satisfied when they got what they deserved, and it was mostly solved quickly (Particularly the scene of the offline meet, i like that she knows what she’s getting into and not being tricked into it. that scene in the drama just took most of the fun out of it for me, because i was feeling more sorry for her, than happy at seeing those evil girls thwarted)

    The drama… I’ve pretty much stated a lot of it above, but there was one other thing. the actress… was too damn skinny. and, it looked to me like she just kept getting skinnier the longer the drama went on. i noticed, but it didn’t bother me, until i saw a scene, where she was wearing that really short black skirt (shorts?) and the camera was at her back… her knees looked like they would knock against each other, and she would crumble. her legs… looked like twigs >.> i just couldn’t get back into it after that, i held on for yang yang, then the KO and Hao Mei scenes, but that was it. It’s just not something I can unsee it bothered me so much. I’m not sure what she was going through, as someone who’s been conscious of my wheight because of bullying since before and throughout high school (mostly just comments, but for some people, it’s enough) i was more worried for her than anything. After high school, there was a point where i just stopped eating, and i went so skinny a lot of rumors were circling int eh family that i’d been pregnant or something >.> it was pretty hard getting back to normal health after that, because not eating enough changed my appetite, and unless it’s some really tasty food, up to now, i eat less portions than my 4 year old sister (and i’m 20 years older)
    Whatever her problem was at the time (i read on a different website she was getting a lot of hate mail throughout the filming of the drama… and if it’s that i hope she got over it) but i hope she looks a lot healthier now.


  27. Lynn says:

    Relationship in such game is real because of the fact that I knew my husband from the game we played together hehe :”> it is RPG and there is marriage system. So many drama (LOL) before we ended up got married. Third wheel, ex-hubby, betrayal within guild (he’s top player on the other guild but got married to me from the top enemy of his guild). So, he proposed to me (the whole server see it) and when i click I Do, the whole server was being announced of our marriage. *^* of course, some other players against us but my bestie in the guild be like, “How did you know Ryuu????!” (Ryuu, his in-game name) I can relate the movie so much to my life hehe! And the most nervous part issssss…. our first meeting. I was super nervous to meet my in-game husband (hahah!!) and that was last 2 years… we already got married now and spent time playing some other games together… ❤ just sharing hehe~


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