[Variety Show Recap] Happy Camp with Zhang Yishan, Victoria and Ma Tianyu

This week had a whole list of cool actors coming on Happy Camp. As soon as I knew Zhang Yishan is going to be on it, I decided to recap! Hehe, and no regret because it was one of the best episode for a long time. The guests includes: Zhang Yishan, Victoria, Ma Tianyu, Du Chun, Zhang Meng, and Jiro Wang.

Disclaimer: I decided to recap this episode for Zhang Yishan so I may be more biased for him. Hehe, do not blame me! He is currently trending for his appearance on today’s episode (#张一山快乐大本营#) so I am not the only one in love with him ❤


Embracing the upcoming Olympics (which fyi will start this year in Rio de Janeiro on August 5th), the Happy Camp prepared a sports full episode that will test everyone’s physical limits. In the “opening ceremony”, everyone faked to be athletes representing China. Now it is time to present the guests. The cast of Ice Fantasy (Victoria, Ma Tianyu and Zhang Meng) were presented first. Victoria looked extra beautiful in her tennis outfit and Ma Tianyu cutely promoted the drama Ice Fantasy and the game version that will come out later this summer. :3

4 46

Then, it is time to introduce my boy Zhang Yishan. The MCs say they cannot believe he is only guesting now as they all watched his hit sitcom Home With Kids when they were younger. They say they own him much screen time because he is so talented. For instance, they ask him to show his acting by acting a reunion with an old lover. He did it with Xie Na and he was ready to smirk back at her and PAF! she threw herself on him. Haha, cuties!


The last two to be presented are Du Chun and Jiro Wang, representing the variety show Run for Time. Jiro Wang is sadly hurt on the leg so he will not be able to participate on a few games today.

Opinion sidenote: I totally agree because GOSH I was waiting for his success for such a long time. I was happy to see other child actors getting hits (Yang Zi, Wu Lei, Ouyang Nana), but Zhang Yishan had been my favorite in Home With Kids since I was a kid and I had been waiting for his time to shine. Thanks to Yu Zui this year, I am so excited to see more of him now in the entertainment world *_* Thanks for your great acting, Yishan!!


The first game of the day was an acting one. Jiro Wang and Xie Na did a comedy one that was a bit loud for my liking. Ma Tianyu and Victoria played a couple with a newborn child (Haitao). It was funny to see Ma Tianyu denying that Du Haitao looks like him and Victoria blaming him of thinking she cheated. Zhang Yishan and Wuxin acted out a sentimental and nostalgic scene of two people deciding to date, as they bring back Zhang Yishan’s character in Home With Kids, Liu Xin.

36 37

The second game was my personal favorite. Now, the people are getting divided in two teams for a game of flexibility. Zhang Yishan about his previous gymnastic years and he easily shows off his skills. He even has a competition with flexibility queen Victoria.


838 42

Now, the game begins. The team composed of He Jiong, Weijia, Du Haitao and Zhang Meng did fairly well as they have great chemistry all together and achieved the acrobaties with ease.


On the other hand, the Victoria, Ma Tianyu, Jiro Wang and Zhang Yishan team did not get as lucky. Except Victoria who has a good team spirit, the other three seemed to be very straight-minded people and tried to solve each problem themselves. Each time, they just kneels down on the floor to find a solution. Zhang Yishan especially looked cluessless as he kneeled so much, looking concentrated and yet confused. Haha.

5 20 50 52 53 56

The third game of the day was a soccer game in washing bubbles water. 😀 Both guys and girls show amazing athletic skills. Here are some moments worth mentionning. Zhang Yishan was the most performing athlete of the day as he hits the ball into the goal four times. His team won 6 vs 4. Note also that Du Haitao helped (unconsciously) multiple times the opposite team, making Xie Na very angry hehe. Ma Tianyu was spotted kicking Du Haitao from the back for fun and also shot a ball that went flying toward Victoria’s face (who was standing on the side). Ma Tianyu says sorry to Victoria who says it must still be because of their act from game one. Hehe.


Zhang Yishan at work!

5 7 8 10 13

The last game of the day, was in the pool! Everyone was once again divided in three teams. The goal was to stand on the called platform on the water and get the right to answer a Olympics related question. The blue team made of Victoria, Ma Tianyu and Weijia was a combination of physical strength and intellectual prowess. The red team also did pretty well as they obtained the chance to answer a few questions. The yellow team was the saddest since Wuxin’s physical strength and equilibrium is known as terrible. Zhang Yishan did succeed to get the chance to answer once, but did not get the answer. Finally, it was the showdown between the ladies and Xie Na won with her smart moves. The episode ended as they crowned the red team for their performance!

0 3 19 40


11 thoughts on “[Variety Show Recap] Happy Camp with Zhang Yishan, Victoria and Ma Tianyu

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    Haha, Victoria is so smart and witty 🙂 I love how caring Ma Tianyu is towards her (he is just a nice person overall, I loved his interactions with Lin Zhiling in Noona OVer Flowers too)!
    Zhang Yishan is VERY athletic and I love his voice… xD He has such a young face but his voice is so manly and cool… I think I am falling all over for him again 😛
    Too many guests in this episode, but otherwise, I liked it ^^


    • Indeed! Ma Tianyu and Victoria seemed to be closer than ever, which made me wonder what would had happened if Feng Shaofeng was there too. Curious to see them promote the show more now!
      Zhang Yishan is so perfect: athletic, talented, beautiful voice *_* The only problem is that he didn’t look that smart. But hey, he made me laugh so much! ~
      I feel like Happy Camp always invite too many guests, it felt especially messy this episode as they all had different uniforms at first and in total throughout the games, they changed teams three times!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      From some angles, totally! However, from “other” angles, Zhang Yishan looks very different… kinda weird


      • How can you say that about my baby?! He may not be a flower boy, but he is not weird either :3
        And yeah, I do see a bit of Kimi Qiao. A cuter version? hehe


      • intellectualkitten says:

        I said it is weird he looks like Kimi Qiao from some angle, not that he is weird looking .-.


  2. qiqian says:

    I like Vic in Chinese variety show,
    Vic looks more comfortable with chinese actors than k-idols,
    When smtown ending, she looks so lonely, but in Chinese variety show she looks happy
    I will support her if she leave SM, she looks more comfortable in china


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Really? 😦 Didn’t know she was lonely in SMTOWN Concert… I will always support Victoria if she leaves SM, because one, she is so popular in China and second, she still need a lot of improvement to be considered as a C-actress. Instead of going back and forward, she should concentrate on improving her skills.. like what Kris Wu is doing.


      • qiqian says:

        Yeah, from the fancam, she just interact with f(x) members, kyuhyun and zhoumi.
        I hope ice fantasy is doing well 🙂 because c-netz always mock her acting


      • intellectualkitten says:

        😦 Awwnn… That’s kind of sad, but it has always been like this. I am also sad f(x) is not as close as it used to be


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