Entertainment Update: Press Conferences, Gui Zhong Mei Ren, Hot Girl


So many press conferences this week @_@

UPDATE: Super important info at the end of the article I forgot ><

無心法師2 Wuxin the Monster Hunter will start shooting on August 8th and they already confirmed the re-cast of Elvis Han and Chen Yao. ^^


Zhang Yishan and Tao Huang spotted filming a new variety show. Bromance on the way? 8D I noticed how much they lookalike.


Days of Our Own finally has a (new) release date: September 2nd !


Such beautiful people in Delicious Destiny!!!! >< Mike and Rachel Mo are such darlings!

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New stills for Hot Girl 🙂 Look like the release date is confirmed: August 10th, lets cross fingers ><!

704_1980705_132499 704_1980706_172930 704_1980707_398488

Stills for She is Beautiful starring Zhang Xinyi

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Gui Zhong Mei Ren releases more stills. Sigh, Vic Zhou is a very lucky man~ Looks at Chen Yao and Hu Bingqing trying to seduce him. What happened to you, Baicao? :’D

704_1981895_981306 704_1981896_538001 704_1981899_487274 704_1981901_106281 704_1981906_362809

New pictures for drama Legend of the Condor Heroes.

2 5 6

New drama 寻找前世之旅 starring Fu Xinbo released first character stills.

1 5

Sparrow starring Li Yifeng and Zhou Dongyu has a new MV.

The movie Storm released the stills starring Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Vic Chou, and Ada Choi

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My Best Friend’s Wedding press conference with Song Qian, Feng Shaofeng, and Shu Qi

704_1981454_174042 704_1981451_624243704_1981456_292952704_1982455_729230

Time Raiders press conference with Luhan and Sandra Ma

704_1982431_519822 704_1982435_343273

Rush to Dead Summer press conference with Zheng Shuang and Chen Xuedong


Never Say Goodbye press conference with Zhou Dongyu


Kim Tae Hwan (not Zhang Han) and Tang Song Yun at press conference for new drama 狐狸的夏天.

1 2

Sweet Sixteen press conference with Kris Wu

704_1980546_214501704_1981420_808291005zonqQgw1f6gx031kglj31kw0zkq8c 005zonqQgw1f6gwzzo4ahj31kw0zkwmt 005zonqQgw1f6gx0196ifj31kw0zk7b4

Love O2O press conference with Angelababy

704_1980036_803560704_1981540_784326 704_1981535_195257

Also, we get some stills of Angelababy

704_1982418_482603 704_1982419_528107

Finally, HuoXin couple! Nobody can get over their wedding, they are so perfect together. Here are more cozy pictures of Ruby and Wallace’s Wedding Banquet in Taiwan.

704_1981520_720010704_1981473_285703 704_1981474_926830

The event had a lot of Taiwanese friends attending, including Jolin Tsai and Peter Ho

UPDATE: I [Intellectualkitten] am so clumsy! I forgot this super important information!! >< During the wedding banquet, Jolin Tsai accidentally revealed Ruby Lin is pregnant. This is no surprise. Ruby Lin is indeed 3 months pregnant!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR THEM. :DDDD


Congratz again!! 😀


21 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Press Conferences, Gui Zhong Mei Ren, Hot Girl

  1. Jo says:

    IM EXCITED ABPUT WUXIN!!!Love that the cast is coming back, they had great chemistry. Yes to Days of our own and Delicious Candy is really cute(looks like something that should be released for valentines day💓💓) OMG VIC?!Where has he been, probably enjoying his marriage life😍 yes to hot girl and why does Zhang Han look so different?maybe its just me. HUOXIN COUPLE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL look at the way they stare at each other💓💓💓


  2. Maymay says:

    Is that really ZhangHan?? Looks kinda different.

    And HuoXin couple held that ceremony in Taipei,Taiwan. ..which is why you get more Taiwanese guests…

    Thanks for the updates..


    • Yeah.. it is not. It is a Korean actor named Kim Tae Hwan. He is apparently known for playing in the webdrama, My Amazing Boyfriend. He looks so much like Zhang Han (although not as handsome of course..)
      Ohh, that makes sense. Thanks for the correction about the place the event was held! 😉 So happy Ruby and Wallace are expecting ><


  3. Lucy says:

    Tao huang sounds so weird.. I think you guys might wanna try either huang zitao or ztao, those are the names he’s going by now professionally. It’ll be easier for taotao’s fans to find these articles about him. Oh, he was filming happy camp with that guy.. They don’t look like at all from the front, I think ztao is so much more handsome


    • Oh yeah, you are probably right. Will try to change to ZTao or Huang Zitao for later posts ^^ Thanks for the suggestion.
      They did? That is pretty cool (does that mean Zhang Yishan is going back on Happy Camp soon? yeah!!) Haha, it is true that ZTao is a taller and better looking than Yishan. I think they have some really similar facial features though :O


  4. I am weeping that my Gu daren is not going to be Wuxin 2. Perhaps Wang Yan Lin can comeback as his son, grandson, great-grandson, or a cousin with temperament just like him? Anything.


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