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OMG, guys, jump to episode 43 and watch it first before reading this post!! The episode is where the wedding is held and it is so worth all the wait so don’t get spoiled by gifs and pictures too fast~ I am sorry for the silence these days as school started for me and I was busy for all kind of family and administrative stuffs. But now, I am ready to party with yall!! 😉 Oh and also, sorry it may take me a while to answer the comments.. ><

Drama information:

  • Total of 48 episodes
  • Chinese name: 老九门
  • Release schedule: Two episodes per day on Monday and Tuesday
  • Find the episodes as they get released on iQiYi: here
  • You can watch with eng sub on viki: here (under the name Old Nine Door) ; I also think there is a Lay fansub team on facebook.:)
  • You can download or stream the episodes on Avirtualvoyage: here or read recap on dr-myri-blog: here.


Episode 41

Tomb raiding keeps going as we see all the characters still facing their demons. Chen Pi remembers the first time Ya Tou made noodles for him. Er Ye thinks about dying old with Ya Tou. The White-Japanese dude imagines himself getting old and this makes him extremely scarred (yes, his character became even more one dimensional now). From this point on, I think he goes insane.

6 7

While all this happens, the cave crumbles down in small pieces. Everyone successfully gets out of the cave. The White guy goes insane and is brought back to the Japanese lady. Chen Pi is still in an hallucination as he imagines he is the one saving and getting married to Ya Tou. Er Ye tells him to come back to his senses to no avail. Chen Pi wants to find Ya Tou back and runs to the White guy, but is rushed outside by the American embassy. He is then caught by Captain Lu.

1 2

Episode 42

A lot of diplomatic talks in this episode. Captain Lu gets visited by Fo Ye who gives him a precious object he found in the cave in exchange for his army back. Captain Lu of course plays the petty game and refuses. However, no worries because it was all a scheme prepared by Fo Ye!

One after the other, everyone goes to visit Ms.Huo. Lieutenant Zhang goes to tell her Fo Ye forgave her for her wrong doings. Captain Lu goes to make sure their alliance is still strong. Ba Ye goes to remind her of the power of Fo Ye and The Mystic Nine. After analyzing her life, he recommends her to go back to the Mystic Nine troop. After seeing member of the Zhang family in the street (thought they all died years ago?!), Ms.Huo tells her maid she will not help Captain Lu since that is a suicidal option.


Later, Captain Lu is examining the new treasure when the men from Zhang family comes to kill him since it does not belong in his hands. Afterward, all the good people write letters to the Chinese government to force them to grant back the power to Captain Lu, which they did. The Huo family’s elders are mad at Ms.Huo and strips her from her title. Fo Ye talks for her and she can still keep her title a bit longer.


At the Mystic Nine family reunion (finally!!), everyone talks casually. After thanking everyone for their hardwork, Fo Ye talks about his worries. First, the Japanese people must be mad that the cave is destroyed so they must stay careful. Next, they are not sure what to do with Chen Pi as he can legitimately become Lao Si (aka No. 4 in the Mystic Nine family), but because of his identity as a murderer and the role he played previously. Er Ye says he is sorry for his disciple. Ms.Huo also announced her retirement as she is sorry for what she did during the past episodes.

3 4 8 9

Episode 43

Back at home, Fo Ye cooks for Xinyue.


Which makes Xinyue wonder what for. She is suspicious and eats cautiously. Fo Ye is super happy to hear she likes the food and brings out a bouquet of flower. He proposes to her.

2 3

She first hesitates in disbelieves. Fo Ye says that ever since the first day they met, he felt for her and started thinking of her everyday (OMG!!! CUTE!). Also, she asks him if he loves her which he says yes! Then, she cries and says she has finally successfully waited for this day. She accepts by offering her lips. They kiss once.

5 9 45

And another time more in depth

At the wedding night, Fo Ye fakes to be drunk so his friends will stop offering him shots. Fo Ye wonders why Er Ye didn’t come to accompany him to the bedroom (and we all know from the novel spoilers, it is because he is sad his Fo Ye got taken away hihi).


Fo Ye enters the room.

5 6

Xinyue sees him.

19 20

She tries to play games by taking control by getting out her gun. Of course, Fo Ye easily of plays her. They joke around about traditions at her hotel and she says she must know how to use/control a gun since her husband is a military man. To which, Fo Ye tells her it is all good as long as she can control her husband!! Fo Ye also says he is lucky to have gained her at the auction at the beginning to which Xinyue fully agrees.


On the bed, Xinyue puts Fo Ye down and asks him if he loves her. He says it is the first time she called him “husband” aka in the train when Pu San Pian was trying to take her away. Satisfied, Xinyue says that it is also at that moment she decided he is hers.


Fo Ye takes control on the bed by saying she doesn’t know how to manipulate the gun.



Slow motion? Here are the stills version!

32 513-2 5-2 6-2

He approaches to give her a kiss, but she reminds him to close the light. Then, we hear them giggle around in bed~

12 14

Now, we move on to Er Ye who drinks alone thinking about Ya Tou. Ya Tou must be happy to know Fo Ye and Xinyue are getting married. He starts singing opera.

1 8

Later, at home, Xinyue is daydreaming (nightdreaming?) in the living room. Fo Ye joins her and they strike for their iconic pose.

1 2

Xinyue says she cannot believe this moment.


Fo Ye tells her that he is well alive next to her. Xinyue says she is not done getting married (she loves the feeling!) and they agree to do it again at her hometown. Yes please! *_*


One year later, there seems to be an epidemic in town that makes everyone especially itchy on the body. Xinyue worries about Fo Ye going to work like a married couple.

Er Ye is getting treated by Dr. Mu (the cousin). Xinyue comes to bring food to them and they both tells Er Ye to take better care of his body. Xinyue wants to ship her cousin with Er Ye. However, it is pretty easy to see that Er Ye still cannot forget Ya Tou.


Dr.Mu gets back home to notice that the document from the epidemy looks weird. She shares her thoughts with her supervisor who tells her to not worry. However, she decides to investigate by herself.


At the Japanese camp, White dude is finally awake and is ready to plot again. He decides he need to find Chen Pi next to keep going with his plans.

Episode 44

Chen Pi forgot all his memories and is working at a farm with a young girl whom he thinks is Ya Tou. The Japanese lady comes to get them and Chen Pi decides to follow her back to re-awake his memories. The girl cries for him to come back. Back at the Japanese place, they try to treat Chen Pi back to his old self. Turns out that the girl in the country house is a little girl whose parents are dead and her name is also Ya Tou.


Fo Ye is working hard and gets back to see Xinyue sleeping on the sofa. Xinyue tells him her worries about her cousin as she disappeared for two days already. She wants him to ask Er Ye to go find her. Fo Ye agrees while laughing at her plan.

11 12

However, turns out that Er Ye can’t so Fo Ye investigates for her. He finds the hospital people suspicious and investigates more.


At the same time, a parcel with a bloody message asking for help is send back home.

13 14

From this, Fo Ye discovers that she may be in a small village close to where Japanese people are. Fo Ye leaves with Lieutenant to investigate more.


== end of recap ==

New ZLY and WC FMV

BTS video that focuses on Zhao Liying

Some Fo Ye BTS

1 2

ZLY with Shawn Dou for Princess Agents

Zhao Liying Photoshots

2 3 5 6

New CF for a lipstick!

Zhao Liying at event this week with Olympic athletes

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76 thoughts on “[Storyline Short Recap] The Mystic Nine Episode 41-44

  1. maoh says:

    The proposal was SO SWEET. I was fangirling so much throughout it, and then XY got emotional and I did too ❤ I was not expecting him to say he liked her since the first day ❤ *internal screaming*
    I loved them playing around for the wedding and once again FY saying he loves her for a long time now. But I wish it could have been longer (greedy) and is it too much to ask for a bed kiss?
    XY was so cute and shy afterwards =D and I loved that scene where they are both in the couch and he is holding her like a baby bc she is so tiny ❤
    Also before I forget, anyone knows why she is wearing her ring in her middle finger?
    I love all their scenes, they are so adorable ❤ I need more


    • Cloud says:

      Oh Maoh I was agreeing to every thing you said! I feel you I got teary eyed too … and then she puckered up her lips and I went hysterical! She’s soooo cute!!. I still have the biggest silliest grin on my face whenever I think of her doing that 🙂
      I felt cheated too when they turned off those lights!! They owe us a least one long bed kiss! Might as well be greedy here..ok I want more than one..lots and lots!!
      Yes love love their couch scene too!! *Melts* Gosh she’s so cute and adorable..he’s so adorable.. they are both so sweet and adorable!! So gonna miss them!!!


      • maoh says:

        same! I am smiling reading your post thinking of that scene =D
        We have a right to be greedy after waiting for so long. They are both adorable and I am going to miss this couple a lot. Hoping they do a second season so we get more of them.


    • I know!! I didn’t expect Fo Ye to put so much feelings into his proposal or even that Xinyue would be so doubtful. Our confident little Xinyue!
      No not greedy! Wish they didnt close the light. :3
      The couch scene. I love Fo Ye’s look and how Xinyue crawled on top of him!!
      No idea for the ring thing, i am so clueless about these traditions..


  2. Hannah says:

    I’ve been waiting forever for the wedding! So glad we got to see 2 weddings. Let’s go for a 3rd lol Also, is it too much to ask for a baby? Haha

    What a role tailored for William. It also helps to have a good costar. 🙂

    Also, William shakes his head a lot when he’s playing around with ZLY lol

    Liked by 2 people

    • maoh says:

      I agree, I don’t think anyone else could have played FY so well. I am really impressed with his acting on this one. During the proposal scenes, all his microexpressions were on point.
      Also let’s have another wedding and many babies ^^


    • Yes!! Let’s do that 8D After all, we still don’t know what the big ending will be, please be good!! Baby, omg yes! It would be against the novel ending, but I am down for that! There is also a possibility of a second season and Er Ye’s special episode so we will have to wait to see what is planned for us!
      😀 Yes! William and Liying are perfect combination here. Haha, so true, but he shakes his head in such a handsome way.. Ahh


  3. Jo says:

    I havent watched todays but Im so ready! Omg yesteeday was not that exciting and I didnt like how we literally saw our mains in the beginning of ep 41 and then at the end also I laughed when EY and YT evaporated because it was so random and also when we had an intervention for Ms. huo haha she needed! Omg the Captain!!! And finally we get to see the Mystic Nine plus BY who was cramping their style(just my opinion😂). I love that I read your recap before watching SO EXCITED FOR EP 43 and aww the bromance of EY and FY🔥🔥🔥 and yes to all the bts and pics of ZLY😊 omg we have one more week left!!


    • We finally get the scenes we wanted and there is no disappointed! I am sure you will love it!! Haha, EY and YT’s affair really needed to wrap-up. I am pretty sure they will want to have him shipped with that doctor later, but will see if it works out next week! Ms.Huo’s intervention was SO needed! Great to know she can wake up after all these death count because of her. =_= Captain Lu dying is unexpected, but welcomed LOL
      Mystic Nine finally appearing is so cool, wish we got more of their scenes. They look so much older than our original Mystic Nine members xD


  4. lizzie says:

    @archidisgn ! Thanks for such a quick recap! How’s school? Any boys that look like FY? 😉 my thoughts:-

    1. Loved loved that the show did fan service by getting FY to say that he was attracted to XY from the beginning and he fell for her (realized that he did) when he rescued her in the train. I feel so vindicated in my belief for FY! He was just trying to shield her from his family troubles/military life. Must watch episode 14 again to see FY rampaging through the men with glass bottles to save XY 🙂

    2. So squeeworthy all their scenes together. so cute that FY was nervous when proposing and forgot to uncap the bottle before pouring wine 🙂 they clearly kissed a lot more in preparation for he scene as it planned to a faraway shot after the two kisses. Interesting how in FY’s imaginations, XY mentions getting married first and kisses him first but in reality it is reversed. He definitely thinks about her a lot

    3. XY’s face when FY came into the room on their wedding night was priceless – anticipatory but not super bashful. I mean they are adults and are going to have sex – be excited !! WC and ZLY did the whole thing very well – they really do have great chemistry and straddle between sexy and familiarity excellently. Of course it’s also clear from their BTS

    4. Loved all their subsequent couple moments – XY climbing into FY’s lap each time she is in pajamas, FY getting her to soak her feet and them holding hands most naturally when they speak. I really do like FY’s character – he has a career and responsibilities but he also loves his wife dearly. When she needs help, he makes sure he prioritises it but at the same time he has to finish his stuff. I could never quite understand those male leads that are always soooo fully occupied in love that they do nothing else – do they have no job? No career? No aspirations?

    5. Loved the BTS of ZLY with WC – these two kids!

    6. Harry Hu is definitely an actor to watch – Chen Pi is quite pitiful in his one sided love.

    Liked by 1 person

    • maoh says:

      1. I also will go rewatch all their moments after the drama ends. Super happy that FY said he liked her for a long time
      3. Yes lol they were both ready but I do think it is cute XY wanted him to turn off the lights and he is like okay~ (even if this ruined a perfect opportunity for a bed kiss)

      Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, no, I wish! >< Maybe I should go Fo Ye hunting 8D
      1. I was also shocked to see he fell for her, nearly instantly!! I assumed it would be when she got to his house and maybe helped him with his wound in his bedroom. The fact that he brought her back home and everything else makes sense now: he wanted her more than anything else and all his blabla danger talk were not what he meant!
      2. Haha, for sure the proposal didn't go as planned (in his dream)! I like this so much more, especially because his nervousness makes him a lot more human and relatable. Always been cool is not needed!
      3. I know! Unlike the classic scene, here they are daring and ready to have fun! ❤
      4. YES! Fo Ye putting efforts for her outside of work is even more special. Also, she totally understands he is busy with work and never annoyed him about that during the whole drama. If needed, she is even ready to come with him ❤ He is the perfect man and they understand each other so well!
      6. I agree. First, I didn't like him, but he is the only bad guy I want to see more of in the future. xD


  5. dwi says:

    thank you @Archidisign for the recap..
    Iam kind of wondering that you gonna make the recap of this episode quite fast since there OTP moment specially the wedding scene is airing ..
    I agree with you @Lizzie.. i love the scene when FY make XY wash her feet, its really natural how he make her sit, soak her feet and holding hands.. owch.. its really romantic,..
    now i see the whole propose thing, wedding night and that lap thing..
    usually i download the trailer and i play it in slow motion, now i have the whole that romantic scene in the full video ..
    i really love the 43th episode ..


  6. Cloud says:

    @Archidisign, Yes, we can’t thank you enough for your fast recap amidst all your other work load and commitments. Thank you for your love for them both and because of that we are so blessed. I love all our OTP pics that you have been posting…they are so so gorgeous together and LY is so pretty in the photos and CF.
    lizzie and every one here – You rock! Love love all your posts ever since and I just can’t get enough of our precious OTP!


    • Lizzie says:

      No worries Cloud! It’s so happy-fying hat we all have a forum to fangirl and share tidbits. That’s all kudos to Archidisgn and everyone else here that share! 🙂


    • Haha, everyone thanking me makes me feel shy ><
      Yop, I try to hunt for the best pictures and gifs out there and make sure we have all the best moments here. After all, this is like an eternal achieve of the episodes 😉


  7. dwi says:

    if thats okay for you, would you mind to translate only on proposing scene @Lizzie @ Archidisgn or anyone here ? I’ve been trying to translate by my self but its turn out i dont catch any single word they say .. so please help here ..thank you so much ..


  8. just finished ep 43-44 to join discussion here, I have many thing need to talk out 😀 and of course a big thanks to our @archidisign for fast recap

    1.oh my! must say that these two eps is more than my expectation, indeed. FY looks so nervous in his proposal just make him cuter, doesn’t care he is a leader of Mystic Nine, a head of Chang Sa Military, he even go to cook for her and was sooo happy when hearing that its tasty, so sweet of him -< the way FY looking at her, that intense gaze make my heart beat so fast…wow then the scene taking-control-turn-in-the-bed, look soooo SEXY ❤ ❤ yes agree with you guys, not greedy at all, we need a LONG-BED-KISS AND DON’T TURN OFF THE LIGHT, but the dark-laughter on the bed also kill me enough LOL

    4. I think the wedding already ended but they gave us couch scene, love it too. The way XY climb over his thigh sooo adorable and he natural embrace her then, the way they act as if it should be and obviously FY was very happy to let her crawl on top of him since he love her ❤ ❤

    5. And afterall we can see Mystic Nine, they look badas. Even just a little lines I can feel how strong these memers of Nite Gates, I would like to see them more than the scenes of the bad guys LOL

    6.The BTS, yub no doub about how comfortable WC and ZLY were, they are totally friend with possibility. Don’t know why he pull her back while she goin to run, but do you notice LY look a bit shy when standing next to him?(she roll her eyes around). At the wedding hallucination scene, they play with too much fun, WC always look at LY when she laugh, I guess he loves to see her cute smiles that why he keep trying to make her laugh huh? Agree the way Ba Ye look at them really funny, did he smell something fishy between these two? Even he feel sleepy already but these two still playing-teasing each other and the scene still not finished LOL. Ah talking again about eye-covering on the train, just notice that LY actually touch his eyes (the right hand) and WC even smile more brighter OMG and she did grab his shoulders but withdraw right after that which make WC looks upset (based on his stop-smile-expression) LOL

    p/s: seem I talk too much already, sorry for my long post haha


  9. 2.About FY fall for XY for a long time (in the wedding night he said from the first time she call him husband on the train) I think its make sense. When against Japanese, he look cruel and very scary (I got goosebumps when watching this scene) I think he was very worried for her and just want to kill them as soon as possible to save his wife from PSP. As he said he did gave PSP a live at XY Hotel BUT why he dare to touch his point (intend to rape XY) that’s why he kill PSP with no hesitation.


    • Yeah, I didn’t expect it to be that early, but it does make sense. How would you not fall for each other under such circumstances? :3
      And when PSP tried to rape XY, he really put all his force into it. Must make him pay for touching HIS wife!!


  10. 3.To WEDDING NIGHT, oh my ghost! WC, ZLY you two rock! Perfect interaction and expression. When FY enter the room, I swear I laugh so hard when seeing their behaviors, what is that smirk? It was like these two can’t wait to eat alive each other LOL btw I do think the viewers feel cheated when the door closed, XY shouted “hurt, hurt, hurt…do it slightly” but actually nothing happened, they just playing with the gun LOL but I love this scene very much >-< the way FY looking at her, that intense gaze make my heart beat so fast…wow then the scene taking-control-turn-in-the-bed, look soooo SEXY ❤ ❤ yes agree with you guys, not greedy at all, we need a LONG-BED-KISS AND DON’T TURN OFF THE LIGHT, but the dark-laughter on the bed also kill me enough LOL


    • I know! Nobody is shy and they both just want to start on the action. Those smirks, they know we were waiting for this!! Haha, I know, I was like wtf, already started?! But good thing we got back inside the room real quick. Ouf! Bring the light back up! We want more.


  11. Pooh says:

    Hello everyone..it seems this week is our week since all of us feel happy and romantic watched our otp wedding scene..lol..thank you archi for the recap..agree with all of you here they are so deep into the character..FY with his nervous when propose..and XY with her smart not suddenly agree and asked for sure first..the kiss XY asked only for light kiss then continue into deep kissing from FY side which proved that he is fall in love deeply to XY..just remember WC ever said that ZLY is a best kisser when they in LofZ drama so it seems in this drama WC wanna prove he is a best kisser too..lol, and the wedding night. Yess we need long bed kiss scene please…lol…after one year but still not pregnant yet..you should try more FY..lol..if you feel jealousy you just need to married doctor mo EY..😊😊..thank God one of the baddies die..in the BTs WC grab ZLY arm to push her to be beside him when they are practice look really cute..😊


    • Yes, this is our week *_* All these moments of the OTP together is just so worth it all! the prposal was perfect. They are humans after all and their hesitation made total sense. Her crying made the scene even more sweet to me! And of course, so cute that Fo Ye cooked, hihi. LOL, yeah, it is a kissing competition and we viewers are loving it! I definitely think Liying is not awkward at her kiss scenes, unlike her fellow actresses. OMG, so true. How come they have no kid by the end of that one year?! FY, stop working so much and get back home for more sexy time 8D


  12. 1. The episodes are SO good!! Fo Ye being hesitant and shy makes him a lot more human to me. Like, dude, you don’t have to worry: she will accept for sure! They are so perfect for each other too so it is nice to see their romance bloom into a wedding. And that wedding! Wow, that is one daring scene they decided to shot and I am so happy they did. That bed fight for control was hella sexy!
    4. Haha, those two were probably waiting forever to get to these scenes. Finally some skinships! So, after wedding, they didn’t want to stop. ><
    5. Definitely, we wasted so much precious time on the bad guys. Hopefully, they can join in during the last four episodes!
    6. Awww, love you for analyzing these two's interactions so much in the BTS video. Yes, they look so comfortable together and possibly in love. Wish they could tell us they were dating or that they intend to have another drama together (third time's the charm?!) On set, they are definitely most comfortable around each other.


  13. Hannah says:


    Does anybody know when Zhu Xian will starting air 2 episodes a day? I thought the schedule will change in September. It’s taking forever with 1 episode Mon-Thurs. 😑


    • maoh says:

      I hope they do soon, their ratings are going down bc no one can keep up with 2 episodes a week since the plot is already slow to start. The online release is so far ahead of the TV airings. BiYao has lasted more than I thought she would. I think she will make it way past ep. 35, which is good since bias aside I do think her character is one fo the few interesting ones.


      • Hannah says:

        Likewise. I don’t mind the extension of BY because it gives her character more layer. I haven’t read the novel, so I’m watching the drama as it is. It makes sense thus far why ZF would go to the dark side because of BY. The plot is building up their chemistry right now. I’m looking forward to the climax, which is when BY sacrifices herself.

        But, man, I need more than 4 episodes per week. 😠


      • maoh says:

        I am going by the drama too. I also enjoy BiYao scenes and they are cute together, kind of that sweet first love. I am looking forward to him going over to the dark side after BiYao’s sacrifice.


  14. maoh says:

    yes these episodes were everything we wanted and more (we are just missing the bed kiss lol)

    Their BTS are so cute. They are really comfortable around each other. If nothing else, they are at least really good friends. They look adorable together and I love how they look at each other and smile. Let’s hope we get more BTS scenes before the drama ends. I have a feeling they have a lot of good tibbits that they haven’t released yet.


  15. Yeah a baby really make their life even more perfect but im not sure if we can see since it against to the novel, but i will give all my bless to let the author change the ending 🙏 at least give him a baby and when XY died he also have someone beside or else his life even more tragic than Er Ye 😢 FY never think for him at first, he has to take Nine Gates, take care Chang Sa to ensure the people around him to be safe and has a good life, he has nothing until met and got XY…pls dont be so cruel with him GOD

    P/s: @archidisign could u help to delete my second and third posts? No need to keep wrong posts to make space wasted 🙂


  16. Lizzie says:

    I hope ep43 ranked high on weibo . 🙂 for the BTS, there is definitely more familiarity between them 2 compared to LOZ – WC seems quite intent to get ZLY to admire him which is why she wanted to close his eyes and kick him a few times. I hope they don’t be too close friends until no romantic possibility – doesn’t seem that way right now with the way WC is looking at ZLY 🙂

    Ps. I don’t seem to be getting the email alerts to responses to this post. Anyone else having the same problem


    • Haha, that’s a good point. We don’t want them to be like Wallace and Ruby and realize so late their relation is more than a friendship.
      Ps. I dunno. I have a wordpress account so I have a notification bar on top of the page of the blog.


  17. Lizzie says:

    From the BTS, does anyone think that ZLY is so happy/relaxed because XY is closer to her real character as opposed to say Shan Shan or HQG where she is the docile, sweet and demure kind. I think she said in one interview that she is actually like a cat – looks sweet but can scratch you – i.e. Not as sweet as she looks. And I suspect WC knows that side of her and can deal with it (i.e. Not in sheer shock as to why she is not as sweet as she looks – which I suspect is the case with Zhang Han the typical alpha male kind )


    • Considering they came up with the scripts themselves, I am sure she made her character a bit similar to the real her. I find her a lot calmer in interviews, but I also noticed that she is extremly playful with people she is close to. So I believe that Xinyue the character came to be thanks to the presence of William Chan as her co-star :3


    • maoh says:

      @ Lizzie I think she said recently that LuZhen is her favorite character and they share a lot of similarities.
      @Sharon: She said recently in an interview that she doesnt like boys, she likes men (I was reminded of that while reading your posts). I remember her saying that ZH was not her type at all and he said the same about her hahaha
      I also read about WC’s ideal type and it really matches ZLY. Love that pic of them looking at each other, actually all pics of them looking at each other.


      • Yes cant agree more, they always look at each other like that ❤

        Btw, my friend just told me not only the girl play cousin came to WC concert but also Ya Tou did came…huhm so not sure about the hearsay u talked before, the cousin sending pictures to LY, fishy fishy…


      • maoh says:

        yes the actress who plays ZLY’s cousin in the drama went to his concert, she posted pics on weibo. Now both WC and ZLY followed her on weibo (recently). The rumor is that some fans saw her sending pics to ZLY, but ppl were saying that this would be a normal behavior among friends if it actually happened. But of course us otp fans are like hmmm
        I don’t know about YaTou since I didnt see pics of her. YangMi also went to his concert but no pics either.


      • Huhmm if its me i will not ask my friend take pic of another FRIEND doing something to send me LOL if she really want to see pic of concert she can find out immediately on the internet (fantaken) or on next days, sure she can get a lot but why need to send her at the time concert happening? just a reason she want to see his perfomance streaming live since she couldnt come, haha my delulu thought 😀


      • Lizzie says:

        @Maoh I love that LZ character too – that was my first time watching ZLY and I was so impressed how she interpreted that role 🙂 strong, intelligent but yet feminine.


    • Pooh says:

      Yes agree with you @lizzie.. ZH ever mention it in his interview after he broke up with ZS and he & ZLy definitly having strong chemistry in Boss and me. He said ZLY too strong for him and he prefer a woman who depend on him. WC just like FY, he is strong but still need woman to help him in other word he know when he become leader and when he just become the follower of ZLY…


      • haha u are correct Pooh, WC is total different with ZH about ideal girlfriend, he said he doesnt what his girlfriend too gentle, occasionally can shout at him, he seems to enjoy being mistreated LOL remember those BTS where LY argue with him or even give him a kick, he still look very happy 😀


      • Pooh says:

        He really enjoy it @Sharon but he still treat her well, help her whenever or wherever she need it and also I notice he try not to touch other fellow actress as much as when he is with ZLY in all of his BTS, he is a truly man not boyish just like liying said she like a man not boyish..so..be couple please…😁😁😋


  18. i did notice @Lizzie until now i think WC is the male costar she is most comfortable with, even when with Chen Xiao – who has rumor with her, the way she stay beside him quiet awkward, btw she said her first impression with CX is she thought he was a boy and i dont think she will be attracted by that kind of boyish man. about Zhang Han, u right, he is a man-want-to-control and LY totally is not kind of docile girlfriend to control. she said in an interview she has her own ideal and not suitable with ZH.

    about WC i think he know LY’s character not sweet her her appearance, everyone who work with her all said she is very lovely but WC never said like that. and it’s LY herself said she and WC understand each other very well, i guess thats why she can do whatever she want beside him 🙂

    like you, i hope they are close but not close friend, the way they look at each other from LoZ really melt me and i cant stop my hope >-<



    • That’s one of my fave shits of them because it was unrehearsed and natural. I thought in the BTS, it was hilarious how offended WC was when they said he and ZLY had not enough chemistry when she was trying to feed him in bed 🙂 also it is clear from the BTS that ZLY and WC changed some of the dialogue which may explain why the show is different from the script that was online re their first kiss. Based on the show, it would be FY who kissed her first as the rest was in his dream!


      • thank you Lizzie, shall re-watch to catch those cute scenes ❤

        so great that you know Chinese to understand what they talking…do you remember the BTS where Lay teaching Korean for WC? i read someone comment about that audio, WC ask Lay how to say "beautiful" in Korean and Lay ask him "do you want to say it to LY?" but im not sure if this is just their edit or it's true…


  19. Lizzie says:

    Sorry I meant “shots” 🙂 also would say that it was cute in the BTS when WC was staring at her (it’s the wedding night scene), ZLY said 我有那么好看吗? As well that WC gave her his jacket to wear hen they were rehearsing coz I believe it was pretty cold then 🙂 In the drama, she was not wearing a jacket.


    • really? he said that? but in an interview he said chemistry btw him and LY was very good…come on boy, aren’t you so inconsistency on you say LOL

      btw, i re-watch the BTS again and again but dont see the scene you talked about Lizzie, where he gave his jacket to her and what meaning of “ZLY said 我有那么好看吗”?… ugh


      • Lizzie says:

        Hi Sharon!

        In the BTS (ZLY focused) posted above :-

        (a) at 6.36 , WC said “who says we have no chemistry? Let’s show them a scene where we have chemistry!” He was a bit annoyed with whoever (the director perhaps ) who said that because they fluffed up the scene of XY feeding him and the person commented “in this scene it feels that the two of you have not enough chemistry” 🙂

        (b) at 8.02, where they were rehearsing the scene where he pushes her onto the chaise lounge after disarming her, she is wearing her jacket. In the actual drama, she is not wearing the jacket so I think he gave it to her while rehearsing as it was cold. 🙂 at 8.09, she said 我 有 那 么 好 看 吗 when he was looking at her – in the actual scene, that was when he said “worth it” !

        Liked by 1 person

  20. Lizzie says:

    @pooh literally it means “am I so good to look at?” 🙂 generally taken to mean someone has been looking at you for an inordinately long amount of time and you wonder why ! You can see that WC is staring at her intently in the rehearsal 🙂 that’s generally how he looks at her though just that sometimes she doesn’t realize! ZLY needs to watch all the FMV of their BTS !!


    • Pooh says:

      Ahhh..it seems they really have connection romantic imagination to make the scene really great..thank you lizzie for the explanation..When I watch the BTs for that scene Hmmm you are a naughty man WC hahahahha…


    • I mean this vid, at the last part of teaching they talked so small but my friend said she heard like that … Could u chek out?

      About lap-siting-scene i think that is a BTS or poster? Since on TV sure he didnt touch her leg 😊


  21. Lizzie says:

    Sorry ladies – I watched it twice and couldn’t hear that WC said that! 🙂 I think in the drama it’s not clear whether his hands were on her legs as it was blocked by the flowers. It could have been but we couldn’t see!


    • ohh its ok since im not sure too, thanks for your efforts 🙂

      actually i do think it was another take of this scene, on TV they did used the take we saw without hand-touching-leg, btw WC expression here also not same on TV so im pretty sure they did rehearsal many times *just imagining about that make me crazy LOL*

      AWWW anyway the way LY coddle herself in WC’s lap really look adorable, her sweet smile and her pose does look like a cat, how come WC can stand for that >~<


    • Pooh says:

      You can watch it on http://www.bilutv.com @dwi I think it is vietnamesse web coz the sub is vietnamesse but we can still watch the picture first than waiting for archi recap..lol..@maoh thank you for the sweet pic..How come they edit their kiss..did they affraid our tv will get burn for they hottest chemistry or many fans need a doctor coz our sugar level being high of their sweetenest..hahahaha..really sad the drama ended today..I want more drama for WC & ZLY please..and sorry for all the fangirls but. I really want to see ZLY & YY chemistry too in drama..please..


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