Old Nine Gates Releases Trailer


Get excited to go back into our Zhao Liying + William Chan OTP. This is happening *_* Old Nine Gates released a short Trailer that puts all my feels at the right place and I am now super excited to see their sparkles again in this second collaboration! 

William Chan Trailer aka Big Boss

This is such an awesome trailer. A lot better than Lost Tomb that seemed to stay focused inside the tomb. This time, the costume are a lot more variant and the action scenes are super badass. I am in!

Trailer with Zhao Liying

OMG! Watch this video. Replay. Replay again! She looks so pretty, classy and cute at the same time. My queen slaying so hard *_* I know her character doesn’t actually exist in the novel so original work fans, don’t be too mad because she looks gorgeous!

Trailer with Lay and Yuan Bing Yan

Honestly, Lay doesn’t look very convincing for his role, but Yuan Bing Yan is being a delightful surprise. Love her short scenes so far and her angsy love story is very believable.

The Villain

He seems to have a love story with Ya Tao before 2nd master played by Lay comes in the picture. Then, it is time to turn bad…

BTS video

The cast looks like so much fun and I can’t wait to discover them through the drama soon!

More stills

8 9 10 11 12 13

Zhao Liying focused stills from the trailer

1 2 3 5 7


6 thoughts on “Old Nine Gates Releases Trailer

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    I see someone is still addicted to Zhao Liying 😛
    And Lay isn’t acting at all in the teaser, I hope it is not how he will play the character through out the drama


    • I will always be 8D
      Yeah, I know it is not a 100% fair to judge him on this trailer since he is not the focus, but so far, his acting is not fairing very far.. xD


  2. Ann says:

    Liying looks so adorable!! I’m liking the bangs actually. Her clothes and makeup are all good. Also, I am quite liking the ZLY + CWT pairing (he looks hot in the trailer)!


    • I like the costumes so much! Liying looks so cute, but also perfectly fine as the “Big lady”. Same, the bangs suit her really well here :3
      This pairing is such a nice continuation from Legend of Zu and I already know the chemistry will be a 100% there! So excited. But we probably will have to wait because it is a iQiYi VIP access… 😦


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