[Feature] Flower Girls for the Summer


Saw these pictures on weibo and couldn’t not share (double negation, hehe :P).Two boys managed to enter this list xD… Who is the most beautiful flower in the garden?

Credit of this post goes exclusively to 深八影视圈 on weibo.

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4 thoughts on “[Feature] Flower Girls for the Summer

  1. Jo says:

    All of them are GORGEOUS! I just find it funny that Luhan is a part of the list haha all I see is gorgeous women and then Bam random Luhan and is that Show haha 😂😂

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  2. lol all those beautiful actress and there is luhan… there is many boyish look male celebrity in china but luhan has that feminin features even if he want to act manly. even with mustache in ” time raiders” he looks feminine.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Ma Tianyu is another flower boy I can think of ^^.
      I think been a kpop idol influenced a lot his looks (maybe it is PS, maybe the fashion, maybe it is just the culture). A lot of people consider Korean boys to be more delicate?


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