[Breaking News] Kimi Qiao Dies in Accident [More on Cnewsdevotee]


First, I want to let you know Cnewsdevotee have been created *mini celebration*! However, it is not time to celebrate as the first post will be a tragic one: our beloved Kimi Qiao is dead according to the latest media news. Visionofjm is preparing an article to this effect on Cnewsdevotee  at the link: https://cnewsdevotee.wordpress.com/

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[Admin] Feedback for the Community Blog


Hey everyone! First, I want to say, thank you for all the amazing feedback we got for the community blog. As I talked with Archidisign (who is super busy this week), here are the ideas that came out the most. I will add a poll within this article and hopefully, we can get cracking really soon ^^

[UPDATE: Everyone who has offered to be admin should have received an email invitation]

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September Airing Dates for Chinese Movies and Dramas


Should I be happy? C-dramaland is been considerate for the school year and won’t be releasing many dramas in September. Oh well, I will just finish my episodes of My Little Princess.

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Entertainment Update: Tribes and Empires, The Starry Night The Starry Sea, Kill Me Heal Me, Legend of Dragon Pearl


Such beautiful pictures for The Starry Night The Starry Sea!~ This entertainment has a long of interesting news with some of my faves, but also a LOT of new dramas coming up! Let’s take a look.

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Entertainment Update: Casting News, 20 Once Again, Ru Yi Zhuan, Mission Milano


How is everyone doing? Hehe, I know most people are excited for the episodes of Old Nine Gates (don’t lie to me!) … Anyway, so many beautiful stills and projects for this entertainment update… are you sure we are at the end of the summer? 😛

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[Anticipation Post] Just a Smile is Alluring with Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang


The drama officially released an English name: Kiss Me. :”’D I am crying, this name doesn’t have the refreshing feeling that Just One Smile Is Very Alluring has.

Edit by Archidisign: Sorry for that wrong information! The official English name is still Love O2O. I wrote the comment above one month ago (when Kiss Me was announced. It was later changed to Love O2O to follow the movie’s steps). Anyhow, I totally forgot to check this comment again … until today. :’D

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