Casting Update: Liu Shishi, Chen Kun, Fan Bingbing, etc


A special entertainment update as there were a lot of casting news (or rumors of). 😀

First 🙂 centdevotee has recreated our C-Actors and C-Actresses from cdramadevotee! However, we decided to make a poll instead of putting pictures. We would be really happy if you guys participate (C-Actresses and C-Actors page link here).

Tada! Wallace Huo will play the emperor Qian Long that will make his harem suffer (especially Zhou Xun) in upcoming high budget, highly mediatised Ru Yi Legend. It is also reported that Jian Jinfu will play the son of Wallace, the always handsome 5th Prince, aka Yong Qi. Did this drama just turn into an idol drama? =_=


I love this extra picture of Wallace Huo, acting as the dad of Ruby Lin‘s Ziwei hehe


Here comes another drama, called 不负如来不负卿. It is about a girl time traveling to the past and meeting a monk. Could be fun (if they can pass the SARFT restrictions of course) ^^


Rise of a Phoenix casts Liu Shishi and Chen Kun as leads! They are also trying to hire Yang Yang, Yuan Hong and Chen Xiao. What a line-up if it does happen *_*


Drama August is Not Over or Ba Yue Weiyang originally announced Rain and Victoria as leads, but it seems like they will be changing the line-up a bit. More information soon.


Rumoured lead for Legend of Fuyao are Li Bingbing or Tang Yan


Korean actress Yoon Eunhye and Chinese actor Du Chun will start filming a Ming Dynasty drama in July.

New drama starring Fan Bingbing. Nothing much is revealed so far…


New drama Feng Kuang Tian Hou 《疯狂天后》starring Li Jiawen, Wang Xin Ran, and Chen Peng started shooting:

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6 thoughts on “Casting Update: Liu Shishi, Chen Kun, Fan Bingbing, etc

  1. Mostly excited for Rise of the Phoenixes! I hope they can get all the handsome guys in one drama hehe. And for Fan Bingbing, whatever she stars in will be super pretty *_*


    • Story: As an illegitimate daughter, our main character is mistreated in her family. When her family got evicted by the government, she hide away as a guy and became a scholar. It is through her story that she realises that she is the key to a state secret and she gets entangled with the palace’ scheming.
      For August drama, no idea.. They will start shooting on June 20th so we should know by then..


  2. unforgetableme says:

    I’m currently reading 不负如来不负卿, and it’s AWESOME. If they do a drama adaption of it, then I’m totally on board!!!! I just hope they find a good cast and stay true to thr novel!

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Really? Omg, pray that a good actor get chosen >< I dont read cnovels but hope this one does not get ruined by bad execution!


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