Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen for Vogue


Haha… when Archidisign decides to go to sleep, the entertainment world decides to party 8D Sorry girl, but all your favourites are releasing news today ^^

The more I look at these two, and the more they seems to be in love. With the wedding just around the corner (July 19th!~), I am expecting fireworks and butterflies. The ceremony will take place in Beijing on the 19th and in Taiwan on the 21st… Let’s hope for a lot of celebrity friends willing to celebrate with them~

Credits for the following pictures to Piii神探 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen for Vogue

  1. They look so in love for this!! ❤ Honestly, Zhao Liying could come if they never dated and are still on good terms. After all, I am nearly sure Chen Xiao has to invite Yuan Shanshan and Yang Rong too, so why not Liying. hehe
    Either way, Chen Xiao really looks like he love her so we will probably get a big wedding 8D

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