[Anticipation Post] Old Nine Gates or The Mystic Nine


Here is the last post for Old Nine Gates before its release today on IQiyi. Of course, we will have to wait a few more days for the actual TV release on Dragon TV. Don’t worry, I got you covered as the (very confusing) release dates are listed in this post. Be ready for the pretty and the badass action scenes.

  • If you want to check the trailers, go to our old post here.
  • For character stills and description, check oldest post here.
  • The drama has many names including the official name The Mystic Nine
  • 48 episodes
  • Chinese name: 老九门
  • Released on July 4th, 2016


  • William Chan as Zhang Qi Shan
  • Zhao Liying as Yi Xin Yue
  • Lay/Zhang Yixing as Er Yue Tou
  • Yuan Bing Yan as Ya Tou
  • Ying Hao Ming as Qi Tie Jue


On the eve of the Battle of Changsha (July 1937), a mysterious train is travelling with the male lead Zhang Qishan (William Chan) in it. That night, the Japanese invided the region which causes the whole nation to unite and defend their homeland. As the story goes on, Zhang Qishan with the help of his newly made friend ErYue Hong finds a tomb with a big secret about the invasion. When Zhang Qishan goes back to Changsha, he helds the big Old Nine Gates conference, made of nine people. They will off play the Japanese people. At the end, an epic battle happens between the troops led by Zhang Qishan and the Japanese invaders.

2min27secs trailer

2.5minutes Trailer 2

2min17sec Trailer

MV by William Chan

4minutes new song

2 new trailers by IQiYi for the released date:

Promotion show on The Icono-Clast with Lay. He also talks a bit about his variety show Go Fighting.

Relationship Tree



William Chan

1 2 3

1 2 313 453

Zhao Liying Stills

4 5 615

Lay Trailer


Lay Singing Opera (cosplaying)

1 2 3 4


1 2 3 4 5

Rest of the cast

7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19


15 thoughts on “[Anticipation Post] Old Nine Gates or The Mystic Nine

  1. Ann says:

    I think it’s airing both on Dong Fang TV and Iqiyi at the same time. Iqiyi already released 6 episodes, but Dong Fang TV is releasing 2 episodes every Monday and Tuesday. So, the first two episodes are already online!! And it looks great so far 🙂


    • Yop! The schedule is done such that IQiYi can release more. I don’t care as long as the episodes become available online *_* I wanna watch it!! But I am so tired so will watch them tomorrow hehe


    • Hi there! The release schedule is different for the online VIP release vs the TV small screen release. Thanks to the online release, you can actually expect 4 episodes per day on Monday/Tuesday and for the TV release, about 2 episodes per day on Monday/Tuesday. As of today, 8 episodes are released with VIP 🙂


      • Momo says:

        Oh the agony. 😦
        I originally thought it was 4 episodes a day too until I double checked on iQiyi’s website and was devasted that it wasn’t because I looked forward to watching episode 10 for Zhao Li Ying’s characters appearance! On the bright side it’s almost Friday so we’re close to Monday, never thought I’d be happy for a Monday to arrive…


      • Same feels!! ><
        Arrived home all happy today to see her scenes, but realized that it is only released on Monday and Tuesday! snif snif
        Haha, yeah Monday! This drama is playing with my feelings toward weekdays xD


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