Entertainment Update: Zhu Xian, Sweet Sixteen, and Fighter of the Destiny


Lots of projects released stills, held press conference, new songs, etc, etc. Have fun on this beautiful Thursday morning!

First, some gossips: for all of the curious people out there, yes, Liu Yifei and Song Seung Hoon confirmed they are still together.

Super good news!! Song Yi will be LEAD for a drama. So happy for our Yu Manli. She will star alongside Yan Yikuan for 小楼昨夜又东风.


Hunan TV’s variety show Real Men will welcome female soldiers for season 2! Rumoured trainees are Yang Mi, Dilireba, and Huang Zitao.

New poster for Zhu Xian. They announced new release date to be July 31st!!! OMG, get ready, it is coming this week-end! (although, are they trying to steal Ruby+Wallace’s wedding spotlight?). A new trailer, the opening song (by Zhang Jie) and ending song were all released.


New Stills

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Sweet Sixteen finally release pictures of Han Geng 🙂 The movie is scaring me though, so I may not watch it…

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New drama My Love Hit the War releases character posters:

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Kimi Qiao‘s drama The Code Name released more stills. It will be (re)airing on August 7th.

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Some new stills for Fighter of the Destiny.

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Yang Zi and Qin Chunjie‘s drama Legend of Dragon Pearl.

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The unlucky teacher of Yang Kang is revealed for Legend of the Condor Heroes


Ready for the mandatory Just a Smile is Alluring corner? Yes, both movie and drama strike at the same time!

First, we have Angelababy and Jing Boran

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Next, we have Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang

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Press conference for Soul Mate with Sandra Ma and Zhou Dongyu.

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Taiwanese actor Kai Ko will have a new movie: Road to Mandalay.


Drama Left Ear released more beautiful stills.

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Drama Bound at First Sight starring Lee Hyun-Woo and Yu Xintian released stills.

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Press conference for Call of Her with Eddie Peng. Release date is August 12!


Drama Remember Lichuan which is currently airing also held an official press conference on July 27th. They are also going to start airing on Anhui TV starting on July 31st.


Memory Lost held a quick press conference with its cast (aka with Yang Rong and her harem).


The Great Wall finally host the press conference. It will be directed by Zhang Yimou (the man behind Flying Daggers, The Flowers of War, etc) and will star Matt Damon, Andy Lau, Gui Gui, Jing Tian, Zhang Hanyu, and a whole harem of handsome boys (Chen Xuedong, Lin Gengxin, Eddie Peng, Zheng Kai, Huang Xuan, Luhan, and the TFBoys Wang Junkai). OMG… that’s a long list of people…

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Hu Ge caught reading Ding Mo‘s book《你和我的倾城时光》, does that mean new project time? 😀


New trailer for Love for Separation starring Huang Lei.

Hello Joann starring Qi Wei released a second trailer.

Liu Tao working hard on the set of Advisers Alliance.


Zhao Liying looking casual and classy here.


Get ready for Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin‘s wedding this week-end by watching these two (teaser?) video clips.

EDIT: The bridemaids are confirmed: Liu Tao, Shu Qi, and Vivian Hsu.

Finally, Gorgeous Liu Shishi!


The princes and princesses on the upcoming episode of Happy Camp (I can’t promise if it will be this week though~)

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Gossip corner (such a long time since we haven’t done one! ><)

Edison Chen is currently dating 秦舒培, a Chinese super model. She isn’t as popular as she wish to be and ranted to Edison. As a follow up, he decided to insult Lin Zhiling (famous actress who debuted as a super model) on social media (with some pretty nasty expressions). He declares as a “Mainland Chinese” man, his incomes are lower because of people like Taiwanese Lin Zhiling.

Indeed, Edison Chen publicly insulted Lin Zhiling on weibo for been a “bitch” and a supporter of Taiwanese Independence. Chen is famous for his sex scandal in 2008 (which involved a lot of famous celebrities, you can find information on wikipedia) whereas, Zhiling is known for her elegant and smart personality. To my surprise, the online opinion is well divided, with a number giving the benefit of doubt to Zhiling but also ready to “kick her out” if she is indeed a supporter of Taiwan. His weibo itself has tens of thousand likes. I know this kind of online menace will not be put into practice (haters gonna hate right?) but it disgusts me that some netizens are so close minded. However, I also want to add a large number of people are also defending Lin Zhiling and doubting the virtues of a man willing to insult a woman for no good reason on social media.

32 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Zhu Xian, Sweet Sixteen, and Fighter of the Destiny

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Haha, I reread my comment and indeed, it looks like I am putting him as an “actress”. Will fix it once I get home ^^

      Yes, Zhu Xian will be successful, I can feel it ><


  1. Annie says:

    Unfortunately, this coming week’s Happy Camp seems to be a mishmash of guests from previous shows (Cheney Chen, Lin Gengxin, A-sa, Coco Lee, etc). Sigh…patience is a virtue.

    How is Luhan not a girl?! I have never watched a Running Man episode so I can’t comment on his charms or lack thereof. Got me thinking…period dramas always use the girl-parading-as-a-man trope and fooling everyone, including the lead male (BTW, is supposedly very smart). I’ve always wanted to shout at the screen, “how are you so blind that you can’t tell that he is a she?!” But then I’m reminded that guys like Luhan exist.

    “The Great Wall” has an epic cast!


    • Looool I’m not a fan of “Run Brother” yet but I’ve seen him on “Back to school S2” (though I’m not watching it for him ahas!) and there’s this part where he is in an English class and has to introduce himself to the class. He’s like “Hi everybody. My name is Luhan. I’m 26 years old. I’m a man, not “meng” (didn’t know the word “cute”)” bahahahahha i had a good laugh after that


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yess… Which is funny because they keep promoting the episode with ZLY and WC, but they release other ones (marketing tactic? probably)

      Luhan is very smart and athletic in Run Brother, but also extremely innocent. Because all the guys on Run Brother are either old/tanned/(fat)/short/buff, he is well-known as the second most beautiful crew member, after Angelababy :P. I don’t watch that many of Luhan’s projects anymore, but he is indeed very sunny and innocent, also girly.
      Haha, agree xD Guy-secretly-Girl are so obvious, they are my Sailor Moon with or without glasses 😛


  2. Jo says:

    I wanted to write so much but then I saw Eddie and my mind went blank (reread 3 times and my mind is s blank😂😂😂) but OMG I LOVE YANG RONG and her outfit💓💓💓 but anyways, Ruby and Wallace are life and EDDIE PENG I LOVE YOU 💓💓

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      XDDD Its okay, I also read this ent update 3 times, and each time, I got more excited (probably because I keep adding content lol)
      Ruby and Wallace is my new fairytale 😀 And Eddie Peng needs to do a drama >< He would be so good in it ^^

      Liked by 1 person

  3. SONG YIIIIIIIIII :””) so happy for her!

    Please PD team, do not take this role away from her like how she was pushed to 2nd lead for “The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream”

    For her first leading role, to have Yan Kuan opposite her is a good start! Jia you! :DDDDD

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes, still sad about this. And they choose a Korean actress as the lead >< Which frustrates me because Song Yi has more fan in China :"D, I guess the PD team wanted to push the drama internationally? Still, I was sad.

      Yes, sounds interesting!


  4. Alyannah says:

    Taooo ❤ I wanna see more of him, he's the best in variety shows. Just finished watching EXO's showtime and his cut of charming daddy and fell in love. He's so adorable and silly. Please do another one altho he's filming A Chinese Odyssey and then an Asian tour in Nov and Famen Temple Code after that so when would this happen.. Happy ZX is released this weekend, soo soon. Li ying is so beautiful. Luhan somehow looks more feminine than normal.. he hates being called meng, his looks says otherwise tho


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I read he has multiple more songs coming out this year? 😀 That’s exciting. I don’t watch EXO, but Tao seems to be more active these days.
      I know right? And he did a flower boy photoshoot recently so now, I am like “I can call you cute if I want to ^^”


      • Alyannah says:

        Yeaaa, an actual physical album that’s gonna be released worldwide.. way too excited for it. Have you heard his latest song, black white? He always looked good in EXO, but just got way hotter. He’s been doing alot since leaving, 2 EPs, then he filmed Railroad Tigers, Summer Portrait of a Nineteen Year-Old, Laws of the Jungle, The Game Changer, and now A Chinese Portrait.. all while writing and composing songs for and doing his MVs for his new album. Luhan actually looked more manly before his nose job, his cute button nose makes him look so cute tho


      • Annie says:

        If Luhan doesn’t want to be mistaken for a girl, then he should stay away from period dramas/movies. They add long hair to you, make you wear this flowing outfit (especially in xianxia), etc. Presto, you’re a girl!


  5. Hehehe Just a Smile is Alluring XD

    YAY Song Yi finally leading in a drama. I wonder what 小楼昨夜又东风 is going to be about…the title sounds very poetic.


  6. Lily says:

    Oh wow, The Great Wall’s first press conference! I remember this was supposed to be one of the big 2016 blockbusters!

    It’s one of the few movies I’ll be looking forward to this year, along with the Journey of the West 3D movie played by the original Monkey King.

    Any dates on when the Great Wall and the Journey of the West will be released? These two hyped movies were all supposed to be released in 2016 – but it’s already half way through the year!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      It is obviously going to be THE MOVIE of 2016! Joke, I am probably biased 😛 The Great Wall, Accidentally Passed By Your World, and the next Huang Bo movie are the ones I am the most interested.
      EDIT: New article is out 🙂 The movie has an official release date ^^


    • Annie says:

      I’ve always liked Journey to the West. The characters are all so interesting and their exploits are hilarious! Yeah, looking forward to the movie release too.


  7. Paige says:

    Looks like in ZX, Liying and Yifeng fall in love and it doesn’t work out and even after she dies, he can’t let go.. and Yang zi’s character is hopelessly longing after him the whole time.. Is that what happens in the novel too?? I love liying’s styling here. And YESH TAO pls ❤ ❤ ❤


    • intellectualkitten says:

      It is a video game ^^ but yes, I believe you summed up their relationship (even though Xueqi is a VD goddess, so I am not sure if she is actively longing for LYF’s character)
      Tao has so many fans here 😀


  8. Hannah says:

    Why can’t be it an episode every day? 2 episodes per week will take too long for a 50 episodes drama, lol I’ll probably watch til BY disappears.

    ZLY and WC’s Happy Camp will be released soon! I forgot…Friday or Saturday.

    Not really impressed with the songs for Chusen. Mostly boring in comparison to last summer’s hit HQG.


    • Ann says:

      It’s 2 episodes per week until the first week of September (2 episodes Weds and Thurs I believe). Finale should be around late October 🙂

      Yes, this Saturday!!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Golfrey Gao plays Lichuan, the love of a lifetime for Xiao Qiu. One day, he suddenly appears back into her life…


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