Entertainment Update: Time Raiders, Battle of Memories, Phantom of the Theater, Yes Mr.Fashion


There is a small controversy to talk about as well as some more positive ones. Trailers and stills got released even more and we have some interesting casting news. Continue reading

[Movie] Time Raiders with Luhan and Jing Boran


Ok, I didn’t misread that title. It is written clearly TIME Raiders. Forget about Lost Tomb, Tomb Raiders, they are raiding the powerful Time! Oh well, I am sure all the Luhan and Jing Boran fans had been waiting for the posters to drop so here you go 😉 Ready for this summer’s hotness? Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Little Husband, Border Town Prodigal, Memory Lost


Some interesting projects were announced, with the potential to get a lot of media attention soon. A lot of modern dramas are going to air soon too so we gathered the stills with the usual familiar names. Enjoy! Continue reading